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VMware VP Mark Lohmeyer discusses VMware Cloud on AWS logistics

Submitted by on August 11, 2017 – 12:51 amNo Comment

VMware Cloud on AWS has already generated a great deal of interest from customers and has raised a number of questions and concerns about price, customer support and use cases. Mark Lohmeyer, vice president of products for VMware’s cloud platform business unit, took the time to speak with SearchVMware about VMware Cloud on AWS consumption models and integration and for whom VMware Cloud on AWS is best-suited.

Mark Lohmeyer: We’re pricing [VMware Cloud on AWS] as a cloud service. We’ll provide three consumption-based offers. We’ll offer an hourly, on-demand option, where the customer pays for the host on an hourly basis, and they can spin them up or down as needed; they only pay for the hours they’ve actually used. This pay-per-host model is similar to the way you would consume and deploy our software on prem. The customer can run as many VMs as they would like on that host and can take advantage of the VMware capabilities around [Distributed Resource Scheduler], memory and CPU, as well as some capabilities within the vSphere platform, which would allow them to consolidate a large number of workloads down on that host. At initial delivery, we’ll support only one host type, which we’ve designed with AWS to be an optimal platform on which to run our software. Over time, we’ll look to provide additional options.

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