A Fireside Chat: Branding That Sells in the B2B Tech Jungle

Just like how an immersive book hooks a reader to keep flipping, a compelling brand story can breeze a prospect through the funnel. Yet, most B2B tech brands get lost in today’s competitive jungle with a story that doesn’t connect.

Today, a great brand narrative can’t just be a modern logo with a streamlined color palette and a conversational voice. How instead should B2B tech companies build their persuasive brand core, positioning, and persona?

Enjoy this replay of our deep dive fireside chat on brand storytelling. Listen in as these industry experts share insights that will save you hours of google searches and set you on the right path quicker.

Need a little extra help? Enjoyed listening to the conversation but don’t know where to start, download our Quickstart guide to help you craft a narrative that will resonate with your audience.

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