About Virtual Intelligence Briefing

ViB is an interactive on-line news community focused on emerging through rapid growth technologies. ViB’s community is comprised of more than 1.2M IT practitioners and decision makers who share their opinions by engaging in sophisticated surveys across a range of IT solution areas.

For our community, ViB stimulates conversations around emerging and growth-stage technologies.

For technology marketers, ViB provides a wide range of affordable, satisfaction guaranteed marketing and sales enablement services including email list, appointment setting, field and event marketing, intent-based and syndicated content demand gen services,  and surveys for content generation, leads, informed appointments and market intelligence. Our services are typically 35% below competitive rates due to our operating model and repeat business, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Satisfaction metrics we track:

  • 4.7 out of 5 Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • 84% Renewal Rate
  • 63% of Customers Who Leave An Organization Seek Out ViB In Their Next Role

Sean Shea

Founder and President

Delighted Customers