ViB Appointment Programs

Why ViB  Appointment Programs?

  • Satisfaction Level  –  85% follow-on business rate
  • Our cost structure and renewal rates allow for prices 25% plus below competition.
  • Precise targeting – no disconnects
  • You only pay for meetings conducted.
  • Hassle-free appointment scheduling  (individual, round robin, pools, etc.)
  • ViB is easy to work with and guarantees results.

Qualified Appointments

  • ViB creates emails and call scripts based on our expertise and your input.
  • ViB engages prospects interested in taking a sales meeting who meet your precise targeting requirements.
  • ViB performs QC on the prospect, provide you full contact information, and sets appointments hassle-free at times that work for your sellers.
  • You only pay for meetings conducted, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Informed Qualified Appointments

Attain a deep understanding of the prospect’s situation before the call

  • Informed Appointments are available with our State of Industry / Industry Challenges Survey Program.  You receive full answers to their 20-23 question survey response before the call.
  • ViB creates high credibility, comprehensive, precisely targeted surveys aligned with your solutions that create highly effective content, MQLs and Informed Sales Appointments.
  • Qualified, QC’d respondents are offered an opportunity to discuss survey findings with the survey sponsor.  About 35% do.
  • You receive their responses to the ~ 20-23 questions ahead of a call.  Greatly increases your ability to relate, and focus precious time on the right things.
  • We set the appointment hassle-free at times that work with your sellers.
  • You only pay for meetings taken, and satisfaction is guaranteed.