Art and Science of Surveys, Research, & Competitive Intelligence

Attaining a precise, ongoing understanding of your target market is the most critical factor influencing the growth rate and profitability of your business. Why don’t companies do this more?

“Decision quality” market intelligence you can bank on insures every penny spend on marketing, sales enablement, and product is put to best use – no guesswork. And at a cost any organization from small to large can easily afford – without in-house market research expertise

In this webinar we will demonstrate to you how top performing marketers leverage high quality, low cost market intelligence – and become a hero with the sales, product and strategy teams in the process.

In 30 minutes you will learn:

  • When is the best time to conduct market research, and how often.
  • The essential checklist for market intelligence success
  • A new and refreshing approach to competitive intelligence: “Always On” win-loss analysis that gives you a precise understanding of why you win, why you lose, against whom, under what circumstances, and the most practical actions you can take to win more.

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