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Overview — Accelerating lead generation was resource-intensive

Automation Anywhere, a leader of robotic process automation solutions, understands the value of highly efficient systems. For the lead generation team, this means being able to use tools that boost sales operations’ productivity and effectiveness.

As Director of Lead Generation, David Morrison’s central goal is to accelerate lead generation and fill the company’s sales pipeline with quality leads. To achieve this goal, he wanted a high-quality resource. He knew it would be the only way to ensure maximum efficiency — and set the company up to achieve its ambitious sales goals. 

Outsourced and in-house lead generation options fell short

He had looked at a variety of lead generation services but found they could not meet Automation Anywhere’s need for efficiency and its aggressive sales targets. Those options required manual labor from its business development and sales development representatives. 

The BDRs and SDRs would have to first find quality leads within a database and then spend valuable time nurturing them. That would delay the sales process — the very opposite of what Automation Anywhere wanted to achieve, which was to rapidly move through the sales process. 

We wanted to find more high-quality lead sources that would get us to a full pipeline faster and more efficiently.

Challenges faced with inefficient lead generation sources:

  • Reps had to manually sift through lists for targeted leads
  • Nurturing leads took up valuable time
  • Lack of pre-qualified leads 

Solution — B2B appointment setting to deliver ready-to-meet leads 

Morrison learned about ViB while working at his previous employer. When he joined Automation Anywhere, he engaged with ViB to overcome the company’s lead generation challenges. In particular, he wanted to use ViB’s B2B appointment setting service to help accelerate sales pipeline fulfilment. 

Leads delivered were targeted and interested to meet

Morrison was immediately impressed with ViB’s attention to detail, including providing information about each lead such as their business challenges. 

In the ViB Appointments model, each lead had expressed an interest in learning about the solutions the company offered. This provides them with a huge step toward pre-qualification because they knew the lead was actively looking for a solution the company could deliver. 

How the opt-in model in ViB Appointments works

ViB Appointments guarantees high-quality leads by using an opt-in approach.

  1. ViB introduces the solution provider’s offering to targeted prospects in the ViB Community
  2. Community members voluntarily give their contact information to opt-in to meet with the solution provider

This way, only high qualified, self-selected leads are delivered as meeting opportunities. 

Proactive customer support with the ViB team

Also, Morrison likes ViB’s proactive follow up, including regular check-ins on progress and lead engagement.

ViB is always very responsive to our questions and proactive in reaching out to check on our progress. I love that.

Benefits of ViB’s B2B appointment setting service:

  • Attention to detail about each lead, including business challenges
  • Leads are pre-qualified to be in the market for company’s solutions
  • Proactive progress check-ins and responsive to all questions

Results — ViB Appointments exceeded expectations 

Morrison found that with ViB Appointments, Automation Anywhere received results that went beyond his expectations — from receiving leads ready to set appointments, to the quality of the meetings SDRs had with the leads, to a high rate of conversion to new sales opportunities. 

Over 50% of appointments turned into opportunities

The company’s SDRs reported that setting meeting times was easier than normal — with over 75% of leads wanting to set meetings. The percent of meetings that turned into opportunities was over 50%. The SDRs were happy that the leads were ready to talk to sales and the quality of the conversations were exceptional. 

When we set meetings with ViB leads, it's already very clear what we're going to talk about, what the customer needs, and what the customer wants to hear.

As a result, we can prepare much better for the meetings. We find ViB’s approach supports our desire for greater efficiency and optimal results.

Cost-efficient service with exceptional ROI

Not only did Automation Anywhere gain exceptional efficiency, but also an exceptional ROI on its leading key performance indicator — cost per pipeline. On this point, ViB’s Appointment Setting service has gone well beyond the company’s expectations. 

The leads we get from ViB are highly qualified and in a position to convert to opportunities.

Talk to us today to learn how we deliver the highest quality leads with our active community of high-tech professionals.

ViB delivered what they promised. We were blown away by the quality of the leads, the quality of our meetings, and the high rate of conversions.

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