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B2B lead generation is all about organic growth. The idea is to push prospective customers to the organization through several different inbound and outbound marketing tactics. 

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What is B2B lead generation? Today, we’re going to answer your lead generation questions and go in-depth to learn more about how to grow your business and succeed. 

Inbound marketing tactics primarily focus on creating content that is aligned with your target market. This would include social media posts, SEO, and blog posts. It’s about brand awareness for your prospective customers to showcase your existence and build credibility around the solutions you have to offer for their pain points. 

Lead generation is often done from the perspective of a campaign. This means that there are several steps and objectives that need to be accomplished in a certain order. A B2B lead generation campaign usually starts by capturing leads from various sources. 

Capturing leads is the process of collecting the names and contact information of prospective customers. These leads can then be stored in a database, and marketing content can be sent to them (often in the form of an email marketing campaign). 

However, where do you get the contact information in the first place? This is where knowing how to generate leads is important. 

You could try building a lead generation funnel where customers wind up on some kind of webpage and are offered something (a free booklet or video series) in exchange for their contact information. These funnels can be difficult to set up and share with a wide enough community. 

An alternative way to generate leads is to use a B2B lead generation service. What are B2B lead generation services? These services are run by companies whose objective is to help your business increase sales by increasing the number of leads in your sales funnel. Outsourcing to one of these organizations can result in huge costs and time savings for businesses. 

The best lead generation companies will let you input your preferred objectives and demographics and will then connect you with targeted leads that fits those specifications. Here is a list of 5 of the top lead generation companies in the USA:

  1. ViB
  2. Cience Technologies
  3. Belkins
  4. OutboundView
  5. SalesRoads

These companies all share one thing in common; they can effectively generate leads for your organization. However, few companies make it as easy to generate leads as ViB does. 

You only have to put in a few details to define your target audience, and we will tap into our database of millions of professionals who are in the market for new solutions to deliver you verified contact information to help you secure more high-quality leads. Plus, we feature a proven program to increase your conversion rates so that you can turn those new leads straight into new profitability. 

Top B2B lead generation companies

The companies we have just listed are the top lead generation companies. Some are designed to serve a specific target audience, while others are broader. Some of these companies are specifically focused on serving large enterprises, while some would be a better fit for small businesses. It’s important to do your research before settling on any particular lead generation company. 

These top B2B lead generation companies also provide a variety of services. For example, CIENCE provides lead generation by using AI to research your target market and then sends out the phone, email, website, and social media content with the goal of bringing in leads for your business.

On the other hand, Belkins is one of these companies that sell leads using a different method. They offer email and LinkedIn influencer marketing services to generate high-quality leads. ViB is a B2B lead generation agency that generates verified leads using its proven appointment setting program. 

Once you put in the details of your target market, we build a program to reach out to our specific community. If a community member believes that your solution could solve their problem, they are empowered to reach out to you and set up an appointment. The proof is in the numbers. This program works. Some of our customers have seen an 80% conversion from lead to opportunity.

Lead generation strategies

Every B2B lead generation agency will promise high-quality leads. But what is a high-quality lead? Basically,  a lead that is actually in the market for a product or service and that makes them more likely to convert. 

Poor quality leads mean lower conversion rates which means fewer sales opportunities. To get high-quality leads, you need great lead generation strategies. Here are a few of the best lead generation strategies out there:

  1. Create Social Media Ads
  2. Write a Blog
  3. Do Market Research and Educate Your Audience
  4. Create a Free Course As a Lead Attraction Tool
  5. Set Up A Chatbot For Your Site
  6. Attend Online Events to Expand Network
  7. Build a B2B Podcast
  8. Create Infographics For Your Audience To Share
  9. Ask Your Best Customers for Referrals
  10. Offer a Free Consultation to Build Trust
  11. Create a Free Interactive Tool to Engage Visitors
  12. Create a Buyer Converter Product
  13. Give Special Offers to Create Exclusivity
  14. Personalize Email Campaigns to Drive Leads
  15. Build an Online Community Using Groups

These are just a few of the many lead generation strategies that lead generation agencies are using out there. All of them are designed to reach out to prospective customers and nurture them. This is the overall goal of digital marketing agency lead generation strategies. Different companies also follow different lead generation agency pricing strategies. 

For instance, one B2B lead agency sets its pricing based only on the results it brings to your business. Lead generation agency pricing also varies depending on whether or not the agency is focused on providing services to smaller businesses or larger organizations. 

Free lead generation tools

Although there are free lead generation tools available, the best lead generation tools are not free. Here’s a list of the best tools for generating leads:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Albacross
  3. Discoverly
  4. OptinMonster

These tools come from some of the best in the business because of their effective features. HubSpot, for example, is well known for being an excellent lead generation tool and includes a wealth of handy features that support email marketing, social media marketing, and even website SEO. 

Albacross is another tool that’s great because they monitor visitors to your site and identify potential leads. All of these email lead generation companies help lead generation, but one tool shines above the others, and that is ViB. 

Customer testimonials have repeatedly included glowing descriptions of what ViB’s platform is capable of offering. We have several case studies right on our site that show our unique capabilities for helping your business generate more leads at a higher conversion rate, resulting in more sales and greater growth. 

B2B lead generation companies

Doing lead generation on your own can be challenging. You saw the long list of different strategies above, and that was only a sample of all the different ways you would need to be working to drive new leads to your site. That’s why many companies turn to a lead generation agency. Lead generation agencies at a high level offer the opportunity to increase your sales. 

That’s the overall goal of lead generation. The idea is to increase the number of leads in your sales funnel, which if you maintain a consistent conversion rate should lead to increasing in sales. 

Some companies like ViB commit such high-quality leads that they can even offer an increase in conversion rates, resulting in more profits for your company. 

The best lead generation companies and the best B2B lead generation companies take the time to understand the needs of their clients and do all they can to reach out to the target audience, creating new leads and, ideally, converting them at a higher rate. 

Pay per lead generation companies

There are many different pricing models for lead generation companies. One of them is the pay-per-lead model. Pay-per-lead generation companies provide the same services as other companies, but they only charge for each qualified lead that they actually deliver to your business. 

This is a great pricing model because it further incentivizes the agency to work hard to get great leads and avoids the scenario where you pay a great deal for services that fail to actually deliver results. 

The best pay-per-lead companies consistently provide high-quality leads to your business and help your organization to grow. Another pricing model for these companies is pay per appointment lead generation. In this case, you only pay for each appointment you have with qualified leads. 

This pay per appointment lead generation model is the one ViB uses and has the same benefits as the pay-per-lead model. If we don’t deliver the results we promised, you don’t need to pay. We are a B2B lead generation agency that’s fully invested in seeing your company succeed at its marketing efforts. 

What are lead generation companies

At this point, you should have a much better idea of what lead generation is and what companies provide when it comes to lead generation services. Generating leads is one of the first steps when it comes to the sales funnel, and  the most important. 

Without leads, the sales team has no one to sell to, and your solution goes unpurchased. However, we have seen how difficult it can be to do lead generation on your own. That’s why many companies choose to hire a B2B lead generation company, like ViB. It’s important to do your research and go with the company that best fits your needs.

How to write B2B emails

According to statistics, the average open rate for email is hovering at 24%. Writing compelling B2B sales email subject lines can help you increase the number of prospects who open your emails. 

Professional email subject line examples show that employing action-oriented verbs and calls to action like “improve,” “grow,” “receive,” “shop,” and “obtain” may help readers feel compelled to act swiftly.

Types of B2B emails include cold emails, sales emails, and newsletters. Regarding B2B cold email subject lines, one tip is to keep it short and sweet. Long subject lines are frequently cut off when clients look through their inboxes using their mobile devices. A truncated subject line may deprive you of the opportunity to convey your message.

Another technique to boost open rates is to include a question in the subject line to pique consumer curiosity and encourage them to think about your value proposition. 

Finally, refrain from using language that machines may interpret as fraudulent or malicious, as well as statements that make excessive claims and promises. “Cash,” “huge dollars,” “act immediately,” “great discounts,” and “free offer” are a few examples of spam trigger words and phishing phrases.

Storytelling is a great strategy to engage with your audience. Your brand story should aim to elicit emotion from your audience and establish trust with your subscribers.

B2B email newsletter examples, on the other hand, highlight the importance of identifying your target audience and communicating with them in a professional manner. Segmenting your email lists or clustering your contacts, for example, can enable you to send a more targeted message to your existing and prospective clients.

An effective email marketing B2B lead generation campaign should enable you to convey your message directly to your target and prospective customers. To accomplish this, you would need to establish a list of relevant B2B prospects.

With ViB, you can have access to an engaged community of millions of professionals from various fields, including IT, engineering, marketing, sales, legal and human resources. Adding fresh contacts to your email list, particularly decision-makers that represent the end-users of B2B customers can help you move qualified leads to the top of your sales funnel.

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B2B email frequency best practices

Perhaps you are unsure how to adjust the frequency of your emails to achieve the best results while avoiding losing potential consumers. Sending daily emails may be appropriate for some businesses, but sending two to five email campaigns each month might be sufficient for others. 

While email frequency and timing may vary, email marketing statistics 2022 show that the best days to send emails are typically Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in case you plan to send more than one email per week.

Simply said, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for fine-tuning your email frequency. Knowing how to contact your subscribers can be tricky, and this will most likely depend on the nature of your organization. You should consider adjusting your email frequency to your clients’ profiles and purchase lifecycle because changing your email cadence can significantly impact your bottom line.

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