CloudJumper Upgrades WaaS Platform with IT Service Provider Management Enhancements

Windows 2016 Session Server Support, Multi-Cloud Compatibility, Citrix Migration Tool and Single Touch Deployment Now Available

GARNER, NC – (March 20, 2018) – CloudJumper, the leading Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform provider for agile business IT, today announced new features and capabilities in the company’s Cloud Workspace® Management Suite. Additions to the popular solution include a Citrix Workspace and Citrix XenApp migration tool; hyper-scalable application services for the delivery of business application workloads; Windows 2016 session server support; automated multi-cloud management, and support for Azure Active Directory as a Service across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

According to analysts, the Workspace as a Service market is expected to reach a value of USD $8.95 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of about 10.27% during 2018-2023. The increasing number of remote workers in the modern workplace is driving demand for anytime/anywhere access to business applications and data. WaaS offers improved productivity and collaboration of all geographically distributed offices, integrating and streamlining communications throughout modern work environments . The newest generation of Cloud Workspace WaaS by CloudJumper reduces the costs and complexity associated with deploying WaaS in businesses ranging from SMBs to the enterprise.

The Cloud Workspace Management Suite is a powerful WaaS solution that addresses the challenges of traditional on-premise IT environments. The added capabilities in CloudJumper’s platform support IT service providers at all levels with important enhancements to simplify delivery, management and profitability. New features include:

•       Support for Windows 2016 Session Server: CloudJumper now supports Windows Server 2016 server versions for all comparable platforms. Windows 2016 Server provides the “Windows 10” desktop experience for shared RDS session users and enables configuration options such as GPU assignment for graphics intensive applications.
•       Automated Deployment and Expanded API Support – Deploy Cloud Workspace across one or more virtualization platforms or cloud infrastructures, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, VMware vSphere / vCloud Director, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer;
•       Full Stack Support for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager: Supports migration to the Azure Resource Manager, enabling users to work with the resources within a solution as a group;
•       Citrix Migration Tool – Overlay cloud on top of existing Citrix deployment. Uploads active directory data into CWS, then manages the in-place suite;
•       App Services – Allows for the delivery of hyper-scalable application services to any number of users globally. This is an advanced capability for service providers and independent software vendors (ISV) looking to deploy, manage and support application workloads in the most efficient model possible;
•       Support for Office 365 Single Authentication: Microsoft Office 365 utilizes an authentication model that requires end users to enter credentials every time they use the office productivity suite on a new computer or device. The enhanced CWS platform eliminates this requirement by using a User Profile Disk implementation to cache the credentials in the user’s profile disk, which follows the user across session servers and improves the start-up time for user sessions.
•       Hypervisor/Cloud Direct Template Management: Configuration and management of hypervisor templates for session and data servers are time consuming tasks for administrators. CloudJumper now incorporates server template management directly into the solution, automating hypervisor management functions;
•       Complete Administrative Upgrade with Administer Defined Automation – Enhancements include simplified menu structure and an increased number of task-based workflows for administrators, including the creation of software-defined data centers. CloudJumper also provides improved deployment and management automation for service providers with Administrator Defined Automation of tasks/script execution;
•       Resource Scheduling – Customer-specific resource scheduling and dynamic service reduction/shut down based on service level agreements (SLAs), and
•       Live Server Scaling – Automatic, intelligent scaling of server resources as workloads vary.

“The Cloud Workspace Management Suite now interoperates with all major cloud providers and every hypervisor on the market, allowing solution providers to design IT environments that meet the diverse needs of business customers,” said Max Pruger, chief sales officer, CloudJumper. “In addition to its own WaaS enablement capabilities, the automation of Citrix, Microsoft and other platforms support partner profitability by bringing the same deployment and administration to third-party WaaS, delivering the best all-around management and services available.”

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