Community Tech Talk: Best Practices for Purchasing Security Technology -Cloud Offerings

$120B/year is being spent on cybersecurity technology, but is it being spent wisely? How can you be sure you are getting the best value for your cybersecurity technology budget? In this webinar series, cybersecurity experts and executives will identify best practices you can follow in purchasing security technology for cloud offerings. They will help you answer these four critical questions:

– Are you are getting the best bang for your security technology budget?

– How do you build a strong case to support your security technology investment recommendations?

– How do you help the C-Suite make the best security technology investments?

– How do you demonstrate to the C-Suite that they actually did make the best security technology investments?

This first webinar focuses on the security purchasing challenges of cloud offerings.

You will have an opportunity to ask our cybersecurity experts security technology purchasing questions related to your enterprise.

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