Cyber Professionals: Defang ransomware attacks leveraging PR and Legal Strategies

This webinar provides you with a first step for neutralizing ransomware attacks before they occur with tested PR and legal strategies. You will learn how to incorporate these strategies to protect yourself from the five critical supply chains you need: data, personnel, hardware, software, and 3rd party services.

Mark Rasch, a recognized cyber law expert will lead you through critical best practices for implementing these strategies. During the webinar, you will have a unique opportunity to ask this recognized cyber law expert questions about how to effectively manage your supply chain to prevent attacks.

Attendees who complete the webinar will also earn 1 CEU

About Mark Rasch

Mark is a lawyer and computer security and privacy expert and a lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland, and a Professor of Cyberlaw and Cyber-crime at George Washington University School of Law.

Rasch’s career spans more than 25 years of corporate and government cybersecurity, computer privacy, regulatory compliance, computer forensics, and incident response. He is trained as a lawyer and was the Chief Security Evangelist for Verizon Enterprise Solutions (VES). He is a recognized author of hundreds of security- and privacy-related articles. He has taught courses in cybersecurity, law, policy, and technology at universities including the University of Maryland, George Mason University, Georgetown University, and the American University School of law,

Moderator: Dr. V. N. Berlin

Dr. Berlin is a higher education entrepreneur in high-tech sectors including cyber/cloud security. He established the University of the Potomac, the University of Fairfax (an online cybersecurity graduate university), and Mission Critical Institute (the first hands-on cybersecurity certification.)

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