Using Counter Terrorism Methods to Prevent Ransomware

Thursday, March 18

Cyber breaches will cost $6 Trillion in 2021 and are forecast to reach $10.5 Trillion in 2025.

And employers are spending $120B/year on cyber technology to stop them. But technology is not enough.

Ransomware attacks pose the most devastating threats to governments, health care institutions, Fortune 1000 companies, financial institutions, and small businesses.
These enterprises need a strategy that stops ransomware attacks before they occur.

This webinar provides you with a first step for neutralizing ransomware attacks before they occur with a tested threat intelligence strategy.

Two nationally recognized experts will lead you through a seven-step threat intelligence strategy to apply science-based, ethical counter-terrorism methods to identify and neutralize ransomware bad actors—BEFORE THEY HIT.

This strategy is based on tested counter-terrorism methods that have been widely used in counterintelligence and criminal investigations.

You will learn what each step involves. Then they will provide guidelines and alternatives on how you can implement this six-step strategy. You will have a unique opportunity to ask these recognized experts questions about how to neutralize potential infiltrators of your valuable systems.

Attendees who complete the webinar will earn 1 CEU and receive ViB discounts for training and consulting provided by these experts. The webinar topics include:

• Identifying ransomware threat actors
• Clandestine investigation of these actors
• Undercover engagement with these actors
• Neutralizing the actors

* Please register with your business email.
* Attendees receive a $10 gift card.
* Business email is required to receive any gift cards.

* Because of the high demand for this topic, registration will be limited. If you miss out on the first registration you will be put on the waiting list.

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