Conducting a Virtual Roundtable

Virtual roundtables have become popular in recent years, especially as remote work has become more common.

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But what is a virtual roundtable? A virtual roundtable serves as a sort of digital conference table where people can gather to collaborate on projects. In terms of how to host a virtual roundtable, you have several options, but the key is to keep everyone engaged. 

Before doing anything else, you should define your objectives. What is the purpose of your discussion, and what do you hope to have accomplished by the end of the meeting?

Once you’ve outlined your goals for the roundtable, you should choose your discussion topics. Consider which topics will be most useful to conveying and learning new information, and what is going to keep your participants engaged. Next, you should invite your guests. 

Virtual roundtables are similar to traditional panels in that the host or leader gets to decide who participants. It’s also their job to send invitations to those people. This can be done through email, text, or any other communication channel used by your business.

Your roundtable discussion should cover all the important points on your agenda. It can also be helpful to have a speaking order—this can ensure an orderly flow and prevent multiple participants from trying to speak at once. 

While you don’t necessarily have to have your entire agenda outlined in stone, it can be helpful to have a basic plan for what topics to cover, who is going to speak, and when. For additional ideas on how to host a roundtable discussion, you can view models and templates that have been successfully implemented by other companies. 

There are many benefits to hosting virtual roundtable meetings. 

  • First, it provides an opportunity for employees to connect, even if they’re working remotely. 
  • Next, it can also be a great opportunity for employees to share ideas and express their concerns.

Virtual Roundtable Best Practices

It’s important to follow virtual roundtable best practices to hold the most productive meetings possible, such as coming up with creative names for roundtable discussions. 

First, you should define your overall mission or objective. Why are you hosting the discussion, and what problems are you hoping your panel will be able to solve?

You should also decide on the proper format. Most meetings range from one to two hours—any longer than that and you risk losing your participants. In some cases, it may even be helpful to have an expert moderator overseeing the discussion. 

For ideas on how to moderate a roundtable discussion, it can be helpful to view a round table discussion example. Modeling your discussion after another successful meeting can help ensure adherence to best practices and help keep everyone engaged. 

If this is your first time hosting a roundtable event, it can be particularly useful to study other examples and templates. See what has worked well—and what hasn’t—for other businesses and determine what might work best for your company. 

Virtual Roundtable Platform

Learning about how virtual roundtable platforms work is a great starting point for holding an effective meeting. But to actually host that discussion, you should know where to turn. 

A virtual roundtable platform provides the tools and software for users to host roundtable discussions. 

You can use a team round table to speak with a large group, and there are even platforms that cater to smaller teams. To get your team excited about the event, you might consider browsing creative names for roundtable discussions to liven things up. You should also think about audience, geography, and industry when choosing topics and platforms. 

Here are five of the best platforms for hosting virtual roundtable discussions:

  • 6Connex
  • Adobe Connect
  • AltspaceVR
  • BigMarker
  • Cisco Webex

ViB is another platform with a virtual networking forum. With ViB’s forum, users can transform ordinary events into lively roundtable discussions. One of the main ways that ViB’s virtual networking forum differs from other platforms is that it encourages active participation. 

Users can control the conversation flow, voting on topics of interest, and capturing valuable feedback. This two-way dialogue and interaction can be a great way to gauge audience interest and get a sense of how they’re responding to each topic.

Round Table Topic Ideas

Coming up with round table discussion topics is critical to ensuring a successful meeting. You might try searching for fun round table discussion topics if you want to keep your participants especially engaged. Ideally, you should aim to cover topics that couldn’t be covered in a regular meeting or email. 

The goal is to have a thorough discussion with lots of input from your guests, so while it’s important to keep things lively, you should also ensure you’re touching on each of your critical points. Common topics include attracting new talent, managing remote workers, new employee onboarding, and how to deal with burnout.

When coming up with round table discussion topics for employees, it can be helpful to gather feedback from the participants themselves. Before setting a meeting agenda, ask around and see what it is people are most interested in discussing. 

Does anyone have a new idea that they’re just dying to share? Are there any questions or concerns that should be brought up in a meeting? 

ViB’s virtual networking forum helps users come up with round table topic ideas. Participants get to choose from a selection of topics and engage in productive conversations.

Virtual Roundtable Discussion

One of the great things about hosting a virtual roundtable discussion is that you can get as creative as you want with it. In fact, the more fun you make things, the more engaged your participants will be, and the more likely it is that they’ll offer valuable insight. 

It’s important to come up with fun round table discussion topics to keep everyone engaged and ensure greater productivity from all those involved. There are different types of virtual round tables, so whether you work in the B2B space or otherwise, you can conduct a helpful, informative meeting.

Round table discussion topics for employees often revolve around current or upcoming projects. These discussions provide the perfect opportunity for employees to gather and share their ideas. They can also ask questions and get help for whatever they might be struggling with. 

To get the most out of your discussion, you should settle on an appropriate round table  model. For example, with some models, participants only speak in order. In other models, participants can freely converse back and forth. 

There are many ways to structure your roundtable discussion, so you can experiment with different strategies to see what’s most effective.

Virtual Round Table Conference

A virtual round table conference is a great way to engage with others in your organization, hear their perspectives, and come up with new ideas for future projects. One of the most important parts of conference planning is learning how to moderate a roundtable discussion. Proper moderation is key to ensuring a smooth, helpful discussion. 

A team round table discussion can only be as good as the participants make it, and part of having a quality meeting is having a quality moderator. It’s also important to understand how to create a virtual roundtable conference, as getting things set up can be a challenge in and of itself. 

If you lack the resources to host a conference independently, you might consider looking into platforms that specialize in hosting virtual roundtables. Zoom and Crowdcast are two of the most popular platforms for holding virtual roundtable discussions, but ViB is among the best due to its focus on audience engagement. 

Where other sites provide the platforms to host meetings, ViB goes a step beyond, encouraging interaction with live commenting, action items, and more. 

Round Table Discussion Topics For Business

Round table discussion topics for business range from onboarding ideas to new tech implementation. There are so many fun round table discussion topics you can leverage to promote a lively, productive conversation. 

When coming up with round table discussion topics for employees, you should think about your business goals. Is there a big project coming up that you feel should be introduced? Are there any questions or concerns that should be immediately addressed? 

Topics for round table discussion can vary a great deal, so it’s up to you to determine your most pressing business needs. 

Business networking discussion topics include professional development opportunities, customer satisfaction and retention, business growth, your company’s social media presence, and more. Further, leadership roundtable discussion topics might center around issues pertaining specifically to organizational leadership.

For instance, you might discuss future goals for the organization and where you plan to take things in the near future. Whether your roundtable discussion involves the whole company or leadership only, it’s important to tailor your discussion to the most pressing topics that pertain to your business. 

Digital work may be on the rise, and the days of meeting in-person only may be coming to an end, but virtual roundtables can be just as engaging as traditional discussion groups. With the right tools and topics, you can promote lively conversation and get the most out of your events.

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