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Considering a move to hybrid cloud? Here’s your next step

Submitted by on November 27, 2018 – 12:22 amNo Comment

Productivity expert David Allen has an interesting insight about why so many of us put off dealing with complex projects. As Allen explains, you can’t actually “do” a project the way you do a task. Projects must first be broken down into actionable tasks, often many of them. That’s the step that overwhelms us. We don’t know where to begin, so we often put off the whole project. Respond to a coworker’s email? That’s a task, and it is doable right now. Move your company’s computing processes to the cloud? That’s a project, not doable right now, so where the heck will you begin?

Hybrid Cloud

This insight might help explain why, according to recent research from Gartner, only about 62 percent of small and mid-sized businesses are using cloud computing today. Yes, industry experts expect those numbers to increase; an IBM study forecasts 80 percent of businesses will be using the cloud by 2020. Nevertheless, given all of cloud computing’s well-publicized benefits – cost savings, increased productivity, reliability, flexibility, etc. — why aren’t 100 percent of SMBs already fully leveraging the cloud?

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