Create High-quality Webinars — and Promote Them to the Right People at the Right Time

Many marketers are in information overload. Yet we still need to learn and grow and further develop our skill sets in order to succeed at our jobs. That’s why educating people with quality content is more important than offering sheer volumes of information. When it comes to producing and promoting a high-quality webinar, that idea is sometimes easier said than done. 

What are the secrets to creating webinars that are valuable for audiences and for your company? Find out in this recorded Art and Science of Webinars conversation. This episode is part of the ongoing Success Series of webinars brought to you by the marketing experts at Virtual Intelligence Briefing


In today’s episode, Tom Riddle, Director of Survey and Research Solutions at ViB, is joined by top customer Darius Eslami, the manager of marketing programs at VMware Carbon Black

Darius shares proven tactics for strategic webinar production and promotion learned over years of experience, at times producing up to three webinars a week.

Listen in as Darius offers his best practices, including:

The reason quality trumps quantity

  • The ideal promotion time frame
  • How to communicate takeaways
  • Why you should never skip dry runs
  • How to ensure time for Q&A


Avoid the common pitfall of too many webinars. Darius cautions that it’s easy to exhaust your audience. “We would run a minimum one webinar a week — possibly two, even three,” he says. “Not only did we discover a lot of that burnout was happening, but it was really tough to generate buzz and interest.”

Instead, focus your energy on selecting strategic topics that you promote to targeted audiences. 

Darius found success by engaging the right people with relevant topics that really resonated with them. The result? New audiences hungry for more content! So don’t just rely on a set number of webinars a week. Do figure out what interests your addressable audience and develop quality content that’s worth their time.


Now that you’ve got a high-quality webinar to offer, when do you start promoting it? “We’ve found through trial and error and a lot of testing that about three to four weeks is a sweet spot for people to commit to signing” up for a webinar, says Darius. 

Any further out and you run into people’s doubt about their future schedules. “I don’t really know what I’m going to do a week from now,” admits Darius, “let alone six weeks from now.” People like to plan ahead — but not too far ahead.

It’s also important to be clear on the event’s takeaways at every point of contact with your prospective audience. According to Darius, what audiences will learn “should be in the subject line of your emails, in the title of your webinar, and in the abstract on the landing page.” A concrete list of promised takeaways not only helps potential attendees understand what they’ll get out of the webinar. It also makes them more likely to actually attend.


Practice makes perfect. Make sure to get one or two “dry run” rehearsals of the webinar under your belt. Not only can you adjust for time constraints and better hone the material — you’ll also make sure there’s time to interact with your audience.  

“One thing you can run into a lot of trouble with if you’re not doing those dry runs is the allowance of a Q&A,” says Darius. “In any format, you should always want to request as much feedback from your audience as you’re able.” 

He recommends setting aside at least five if not ten minutes for questions. 


Also in this episode, Tom adds his thoughts about Q&As. He reminds us “to have questions queued up in case there aren’t that many from an audience.” How do you develop questions that are authentic and not self-serving? “Ask your salespeople,” he says. They get asked questions every day.  

And be sure to “mine those chat and Q&A logs,” Tom says. They are a “great source of intelligence” that contain valuable insights you can put to use when developing future content. 


Find out more by listening to the entire episode, “Production and Promotion with Darius Eslami.” Learn from experienced producers and make quality webinar content work for you.

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