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Cybersecurity Scale-up Estimates 67x ROI From ViB Leads

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Despite being one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity startups in history, Abnormal was looking for ways to increase leads and decrease costs.

After stints at IBM, Lenovo, Qlik, SolarWinds, and other tech companies, Jon Moody joined Abnormal Security as Director of Demand and Digital Marketing because he saw “a great opportunity to make a big impact with an amazing company and product.” Created by the engineers who worked on Twitter’s advertising platform, Jon saw the company’s potential to live up to its mission statement —  fighting cybercrime by blocking the email  attacks that matter most.

Being one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies, Jon was looking to further increase cost-effective strategies for the business.

But current efforts with a few sales development representative (SDR) service firms or lead vendors were not delivering the high volume and quality of leads he expected. The firms struggled to meet their quota of qualified leads, even after multiple months. So while other programs were scaling Jon wanted to ensure these channels were as well. 

The last thing we need is to lose trust with our sales team, and that’s where I feared it was going.

Challenges faced working with external SDR firms:

  • Limited number of engaged responses
  • Long turnaround time of 6 months
  • Underqualified leads with no intention to buy


Then Jon found ViB. He liked several aspects of the company’s lead generation services, including cost structure, but most importantly its strong community of technology professionals — all of whom were qualified as in-market for new services. 

He decided to launch a test pilot project with ViB’s Appointment Setting service in the middle of Q1 2022 with a goal of generating 10 new enterprise-level lead appointments. 

Because the pilot started late in the first quarter, Jon wasn’t sure it would have an impact in achieving the company’s meeting goals. However, after seeing successful meetings conducted within a matter of weeks, Abnormal Security increased its enterprise-level goal with ViB and added a pilot project for appointments in the midmarket sector.

This was not just an outsourced outbound program. The leads were high-quality, intent-based who showed interest in the Abnormal messaging and solution.

Benefits from ViB’s Appointment Setting service:

  • Pay per meeting model to scale with changing business needs
  • Results within a couple weeks
  • High-quality leads who personally opt-in to meet the client 


Abnormal Security successfully secured all of the initial meeting appointments in their pilot round for Q1. Thereafter, with more ambitious benchmarks added for Q2, the team continued to reach all goals for a successful Q2 close.

After we reached our Q2 goals, knowing where we wanted to take the company’s growth, we wondered, ‘How high can we go? How much can we scale?’

For Q3, the company is testing the limits by increasing enterprise-level volume by 300% and expanding to their midmarket go-to-market motion. 

Additional results from ViB’s Virtual Event services

Abnormal Security experienced such tremendous success with ViB’s Appointment Setting service that it also piloted the Virtual Events service for webinars. The result was beyond Jon’s expectations. 

It was a huge hit and one of our best attended webinars, generating more new sales meetings than expected. The attendees didn’t just come to view a webinar. They came to talk to us and to see a demo of our email security platform.

Thanks to VIB's service we have found another valuable channel to use to meet our goals.

What’s more, the leads are happy to pick up the phone and talk to us — and, as a result, our sales team is happy. The bottom line is making the entire company happy, because with this program we’ve seen 67x ROI.”

Talk to us today to learn how we deliver the highest quality leads with our active community of high-tech professionals.

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