How a software company leveraged precision targeting to add $1million+ in pipeline

Extended Audience Reach

$1.2 Million In Open Pipeline Created

20-30 Opportunities Created


In 2019, DataCore Software identified a key business goal that ViB could help accelerate: finding the right buyers for their solution and putting qualified opportunities to put in front of their sales teams.

To answer this challenge, DataCore sought a vendor able to deliver sales-ready meetings that met their qualification criteria: is the person involved in evaluating or purchasing their solution, is there a technical or business need, and what is the timing? According to DataCore Senior Marketing Manager Gabby Torres-Soler, their ideal prospect would have a buying interest or a relevant project upcoming in the next 12 months.

ViB Solution

ViB’s appointment setting campaign quickly deployed DataCore’s strictly-specified search criteria. “ViB sourced our buyer persona in their database and helped set appointments for us with people who were interested in buying our solution,” says Gabby, “We gave ViB the profile of the industries that work the best for us, the target job titles, and pain points or use cases.” ViB reached out to its comprehensive and active community of IT professionals to locate high-quality opportunities for DataCore.

One major benefit of this campaign: ViB does the majority of the legwork. “They do the sourcing, they do the calling,” says Gabby. “They’re talking to people all the time, asking the questions that we would ask our potential buyers, making the handoff that much warmer.” And because ViB is trusted by their community, “they introduce us as a solution provider that prospects will benefit from talking to.”

Dramatic Results

In just a few months, ViB directly created $1.02 million in open pipeline for DataCore. Without ViB, Gabby affirms DataCore would be missing their pipeline growth targets, opportunity creation targets, and general revenue targets in the long run. “ViB not only listens to their customers, but to the market. They have an understanding of where to look and what to ask for, which is very important for an appointment setting campaign.”

“ViB clearly has a very strong following,” says Gabby. “They’ve proven that not only do they target really successfully but also validated a need for our solution in the U.S. market.” ViB delivers results because they care about the quality they deliver not just to customers — but also to their network of professionals. “The relationships that they have built have clearly paid off.”