Software company leverages precision data to bring in 2,000 net-new names

Extended Audience Reach

Database Increase of 2,000 Net-New Names

Increased Webinar Attendance and Content Downloads


In 2019, DataCore Software identified a key goal that ViB could help accelerate: enhancing and expanding their lead database. “One of the biggest things that we struggled with in the Americas is nurturing and growing our existing database,” says DataCore Senior Marketing Manager Gabby Torres-Soler. The company is focused on growing brand recognition along with growing business. To further establish their place in the market, they needed new audiences that traditional inbound and prospecting strategies were not able to reach.

To answer this challenge, DataCore sought a vendor able to improve brand awareness and increase exposure to their solutions.

ViB Solution

DataCore leveraged ViB’s comprehensive and active community for email marketing campaigns. According to Gabby: “When we realized they had a database of thousands, maybe even millions of IT professionals, it felt like an easy way to get our message in front of the right personas and grow our own marketing database.”

ViB’s email campaign for DataCore centered around outreach and awareness, targeting the company’s specified audience and delivering high response rates.

Dramatic Results

In just a few months, DataCore saw a significant database increase. “Not only have we grown our brand awareness through their SmartSend service, we’ve added nearly 2,000 net-new names to our database,” says Gabby, “proving there’s a place for us in the U.S. market.”

By adding between 30-75 new names to their database with each email, DataCore now has a chance to nurture these new audience members. “They’re part of our system now and are receiving our regular outreach, like newsletters, new content promotions, and webinar invitations,” says Gabby. “It gives us the opportunity to communicate with people that we would have never been able to talk to or target before — all at very reasonable costs!”

ViB enabled DataCore to scale their marketing programs, with a fast turnaround in database growth and nurturing, including increased success with webinar attendance and content downloads.