Dependability demands of your VDI infrastructure are skyrocketing

In recent weeks, COVID-19 forced many organizations to either scale up their existing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments or set up a new one. Either of these approaches is a rushed response to an evolving business continuity risk, as a significant percentage of employees are now forced to work remotely. Your IT continuity risks are evolving in line with your evolving responses to COVID-19. As an infrastructure and operations (I&O) pro, you must:

Imagine if this VDI setup — the backbone of your employee enablement — fails. What are your options? Heightened reliance on VDI infrastructure has skyrocketed the criticality of the VDI setup because employees are immobile and have no other option to perform their jobs. VDI infrastructure is clearly a single point of failure for many firms and, hence, an IT continuity risk. Now is the time to identify more of these risks that face your organization as a result of the recently implemented technological changes.

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