Software-defined storage company leverages targeted webinars to fill pipeline in product launch pivot

Connected To Targeted Audiences

140 Net-New Leads

Net-New Leads to Help Fill the Pipeline


In 2020, Donoma Software launched OneVault, a new product it had planned to promote at several major industry events throughout the year. Then the pandemic hit. Parker Pearson, VP of Marketing and Business Development, knew she had to pivot. “Being able to drive a large enough audience to fill the pipeline for this new product was important to me,” says Parker.

Donoma has grown itself to a point where they planned to accelerate their growth with venture capital funding to accelerate their established traction in the market. “We’ve proven our products and our team.” Parker says. “So the real challenge I’m up against is that without the benefit of outside funding — I have to be creative, get scrappy, and figure out how to generate new business in a very changed environment.”

ViB Solution

After an initial lead gen engagement with ViB last fall, ViB President Sean Shea mentioned to Parker additional services they offer to select customers. “So when I was looking for alternate strategies this year, I remembered the full-service custom webinar offering Sean previously shared with me.”

Parker had produced webinars herself for years. For this engagement, ViB managed every aspect of the event’s logistics and attendance, all at reasonable costs. “ViB is the right balance,” says Parker. “We provide the event messaging and then they go execute on it.”

“All I did was show up and present and afterward ViB provided metrics and event data,” Parker says. “ViB was able to act as a bridge: they have the audience and we have a solution that many of them need. It’s a win-win.”

Dramatic Results

“We ran the webinar in June to coincide with the launch of OneVault,” Parker says. The webinar “helped me fill my pipeline.” About 140 people registered to attend the event, priming her to reach the year’s goal of 500 net-new opportunities, and “we’ve had some early-stage buying conversations.”

As presenter, Parker was positioned to inform and connect with people in the market for a multichannel communications archiving product like OneVault. According to Parker, “ViB was able to engage their community and find a really good addressable audience of people who wanted to learn more.”

Across her engagements with ViB, “Sean has been very engaged and responsive and we’re able to have very frank conversations,” Parker says. “When you sell into a niche market, you have to be very good at what you do. There’s not a lot of room for mistakes.” That’s why she appreciates that “ViB is very collaborative.”

“ViB is able to provide a service that goes both ways,” she says. “They help us connect to their audience, and they help their audience by connecting them to solutions ViB thinks they should know about.” Parker goes on to say: “ViB is a great resource to help pollinate and amplify awareness of our offering, and helped connect us to a good audience.”

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