ViB-Send Email Program

Extend you reach safely through our engaged 1.2M IT professional community

Use Cases

  • Webinar Registration
  • ABM
  • Field Marketing
  • Whitepapers
  • Content Marketing

What does VIB do? Please Watch our 1 minute explainer video


Email outreach continues to be one of the most effective forms of marketing.  For nurturing your own community, and to expand your reach beyond – which is vital to growth.  Expanding you reach through a 3rd party is the safest and most economical  email outreach growth strategy.

The most frequently asked question

“I have invested in a quality contact database service – why would I need you?”

  • Strong brand affinity with our precisely targetable 1.2M community of IT professionals.
  • Deep expertise in the science of deliverability – a far higher % reach their inboxes. Did you know that just viewing the subject line has awareness value rivaling display advertising, and at a higher ROI, as there is no incremental cost?
  • Elimination of high consequence risks you cannot afford to take. Your reputation score, being blacklisted at important company targets, and ultimately your domain credibility. Especially when expanding your reach to new contacts.
  • Immediacy, and with no overhead to you.


  • Your precise roles, levels, company sizes and industries
  • Installed technologies
  • Intent targeting – connects you with the companies researching your solution category –  now.

How it works

  • Provide us the HTML for your email campaign and your targeting criteria
  • We drive qualified contacts to your landing page.
  • You monitor our performance through a UTM code appended to the landing page link

Getting Started

  • Send us your targeting criteria, or schedule a 15 minute call here to discuss.
  • Programs can cost as little as $1,000 depending on volume and criteria
  • Ask about our free trial program. (available only to non-customers)

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