ViB Send Email Marketing

Extend your reach through our 1.2M community.

ViB’s email list rental program means that you don’t have to buy the data and we are experts in getting your message delivered to the right person.  We precisely target your exact personas from our 1.2M contact IT community of decision makers, evaluators and users.  Our prices are 30-50% below competition and results are guaranteed.

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SmartSend Intent Qualified Email

SmartSend combines an email list rental program with intent data.  We have hundreds of topics to choose from including DevOps, Security, DR, and more.  SmartSend’s intent data connects you with the companies researching your product now.

Tap into this:
  • One million companies content consumption monitored
  • One thousand intent topics to choose from
  • 15 Million monthly email sends
Use cases include:
  • ABM (account based marketing)
  • Field events
  • Webinars