Generating Demand: Stories from the B2B Trenches

Episode 16: SEO with Mitch Causey

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Today’s episode: Valuable SEO Wins (and Failures)

Mitch Causey is the founder and CEO of DemandWell, an SEO platform and agency that helps organizations earn more web traffic, convert traffic into leads, and gather better insights.

On today’s episode, Mitch joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to share how he got his start in SEO, a few steps he took to scale his business, hard-won lessons from a notable failure, one of his biggest content successes, and how to hold effective brainstorming sessions. He also talks about why “brand versus demand” is a fallacy.

“Before you decide that you’re going to go all-in on something, at least talk with a couple customers about it.”
— Mitch Causey


Today on Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with SEO Expert Mitch Causey:

  • Mitch walks us through one of his biggest flops (and what it taught him) [11:20]
  • A few of Mitch’s best practices for highly productive brainstorming sessions [17:10]
  • Mitch shares a few of his favorite resources and tools for creating success [27:20]

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Recommended resources from today's episode:

SEMRush — A data dump tool that helps you understand how and what drives SEO success for other websites. The site also offers several educational resources that are especially useful for those just getting started in organic search.

Unbounce — A drag-and-drop landing page builder that enables users to create and optimize landing pages, and get more conversions from their website traffic.

Oli Gardner — A conversion rate optimization expert and founder of Unbounce. Oli is an engaging speaker and prolific blogger with plenty of wisdom to share.

Episode Summary

In this episode, Mitch explores the relationship between brand and demand generation (or is it brand versus demand?) and discusses the fatal flaw of going directly from brainstorm to execution mode. He discusses how to do market research and best practices for a wildly successful interactive brand experience that also drives demand.

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