Generating Demand: Stories from the B2B Trenches

Episode 17: Law of Attraction in Inbound Marketing

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ViB Podcast | 17 — Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with guest Heather Monahan. Today’s episode: The Law of Attraction in Inbound

Heather Monahan is a TEDx and award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author, and host of the Creating Confidence podcast, where she discusses what it takes to get ahead in business and life.

On today’s episode, Heather joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to share how she rebounded from being fired, the importance of building a personal brand, how to leverage the law of attraction to grow a personal network, and a few valuable insights on culture that every business leader needs to hear.

“If you don’t have a personal brand, start today. Do it messy, do it imperfectly, but just do it.”
— Heather Monahan

Today on Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with confidence and personal branding expert Heather Monahan:

  • How to establish and grow your personal brand using the law of attraction [5:21]
  • Heather’s core sales philosophy, and how she applied it to boost book pre-sales [9:48]
  • Grappling with toxic cultures and why it’s crucial to listen to new hire’s feedback [13:47]

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Heather shares her perspective on the law of attraction and its importance in creating inbound demand, the importance of giving away value to the market – no strings attached – and why creating a personal brand should be on the to-do list of each marketer.

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