Generating Demand: Stories from the B2B Trenches

Episode 18: Repeatability in Demand Gen

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ViB Podcast | 18 — Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with guest John Johansen. Today’s episode: Repeatability in Demand Generation

John Johansen is a marketing expert with vast experience leading demand generation teams and programs at giant organizations like IBM and CA Technologies. Currently, John is the director of demand generation at ThycoticCentrify Corporation.

On today’s episode, John joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to share a memorable challenge that taught him a valuable lesson, a positive story of demand gen success, and a few words of wisdom for demand gen teams at companies of any size.

“As a hands-on marketer, be confident in helping set the boundaries around the scope of a program.”

— John Johnson 

Today on Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with demand gen expert John Johansen:

  • The pitfalls of scope creep and what can happen when you scale too quickly [4:40]

  • John shares one of his most successful demand gen plays: a direct mail program [14:30]

  • The power of good vendors (and understanding internal procurement processes) [24:20]

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Episode Summary

One secret to growth is building repeatable and scalable processes. Here John Johansen shares a story of a wildly successful campaign that simply was not able to repeat and scale – and how you can watch for this pitfall. He also shares a success story, how he was able to take one small effort, and repeat it over and over to scale it into one of their best-performing efforts. Plus, he shares two classic recommended resources you need to know.

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