Generating Demand: Stories from the B2B Trenches

Episode 20: The Power of PR in Demand Gen with Jodi Bart Holzband

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ViB Podcast | 20 — Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with guest Jodi Bart Holzband. Today’s episode: The Power of PR on Demand Gen

Jodi Bart Holzband has spent more than two decades in B2B public relations and, in 2018, she launched her own consultancy, Classic Bart PR + Communications. Today, she helps companies tell stories that activate their target audiences and improve brand recognition.

On today’s episode, Jodi joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to discuss why creating a survey and publishing its results can be one of the most effective ways for generating news coverage, which drives traffic and leads. She also provides insight into how she gets clients covered in top publications.

To see the success in this Vyopta Case Study, view the press release of the study here, and view the coverage book here.

“The truth is, the minute you post a press release to the wire, it’s old.”
— Jodi Bart Holzband

Today on Generating Demand: Real Stories from the B2B Trenches with PR and communications expert Jodi Bart Holzband:

  • Why it’s hard to get coverage in B2B technology (and what to do about it) [3:20]
  • Leveraging surveys for PR coverage, and how to go about it the right way [8:58]
  • How Jodi got a client’s survey findings covered in Forbes, Bloomberg, and more [21:56]

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Recommended resources from today's episode:

Facebook Groups — PR Facebook Groups allow you to connect with fellow PR professionals (for free) to glean insight and advice and share your experiences.

Solo PR Pro — Professional membership community for independent PR professionals to get professional guidance, support, and even new business.

Coverage Book — Website that allows you to create and share coverage reports with clients in a clean, professional, and visually captivating way.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) — Free tool that’s helpful for any organization that wants to be covered in the media.

Notability — Note-taking app for notebook lovers that allows you to jot down notes in your handwriting and easily organize them on your iPad or iPhone.

Episode Summary

Some marketers think of PR and earned media only as awareness and brand building. Here, Jodi Bart shares an exceptional success story of using PR to drive demand, and how she approaches working with her clients. Plus, she shares a few recommended resources you don’t want to miss.

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