How Ermetic accelerated growth & boosted opportunity size with ViB appointment setting

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Ermetic’s founders first partnered with ViB shortly after launching the company in 2018. With only a handful of people covering global sales, the team needed support to scale business. 

Initial solution and results

Using a brand agnostic approach to appointment setting, ViB created a custom landing page that promoted Ermetic’s solution within the massive ViB community. The page was pushed out to specific personas that fit Ermetic’s ideal buyer profile.

Because the startup was young and had little brand awareness in its competitive market, the brand agnostic landing page worked in Ermetic’s favor. 

Unlike typical B2B appointment setting services, ViB’s approach captured prospects who had real interest in the solution and weren’t concerned about branding.

ViB quickly delivered twice as many meetings as Ermetic’s small and busy internal team, freeing up sales leaders to build relationships and foster Ermetic’s explosive growth.

Benefits of ViB’s appointment setting service

  • Opt-in model using the ViB community
  • Brand agnostic to capture genuine solution interest

Extending impact with new leadership 

Then, when Bruce Gibson first came on board as the worldwide Director of Inside Sales, he nearly canceled ViB’s appointment setting program. He was building a team of Inside Sales reps and assumed the program was redundant. 

But, before pulling the plug, he analyzed the meetings ViB was delivering — and that’s when he discovered an impressively high ROI.

Gibson decided to keep the appointment setting program for another two months. 

Now, it’s been over a year since Gibson started, and ViB’s appointment setting is still yielding tremendous results.

Results today

Today, ViB delivers higher opportunities to close than any other lead source (save for a few referrals). 

Now working as the Assistant Vice President of Inside Sales and leading a team of 25 people and growing, Gibson says he doesn’t necessarily need the volume — but the quality of the leads ViB delivers is where the real value lies.

Supporting hypergrowth requires a truly comprehensive inside sales program. Business leaders are being pulled in a million directions and their inboxes are being inundated with messages from vendors competing for their time.

VIB enables us to cut through the noise and meet these folks closer to where they want to be.

Thanks to the appointment setting program, Ermetic can expand market reach, including people who don’t respond well to cold calls and cold emails

Additionally, ViB’s commitment to quality and getting it right help the appointment setting program outrank competing solutions.

Highlights from ViB’s appointment setting program

  • 50% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate
  • $100,000 average opportunity size
  • 20% higher opportunity size than internal sales or lead generation vendors

There are tons of third-party companies that claim to be able to help you get meetings and qualify prospects. But, when you start working with them, you have to train their people — which is a huge time commitment, and the results aren’t guaranteed.

But with ViB, we get to control everything the prospects see, so the message can’t get bungled. It’s our messaging and our qualification criteria.

Plus, ViB appreciates its customers a lot more than what I’m used to. And they convert higher than any other lead source — they’re gold.

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