Computer software company uses appointment setting to increase awareness and conversions

Extended Audience Reach

60% Conversion Rate From Lead To Opportunity

Increased High Quality Leads

Customer Challenge

Paula Ellis is a seasoned marketing executive with over 22 years of experience leading and executing international field, channel, and customer marketing. Now Director of Demand Generation at the cloud and data center security company Guardicore, she oversees global demand gen programs including webinars, website, and content strategy initiatives. 

At the start of COVID-19, Paula realized that she could no longer rely on live events to drive the necessary amount of leads for her global team. “As events became virtual, we needed to optimize ways people could see and learn about our great solution — beyond our database.” 

To meet her goals of greater product awareness and increased conversions, “We needed to get our product in front of more eyes,” she says. “Once our prospects see our product and learn about how our softwarebased segmentation solution greatly reduces risk, speeds time-to-value, and delivers optimal security at a dramatically lower TCO than traditional approaches, they are sold.”

ViB Solution

Paula engaged VIB for their appointment setting program to expand her reach to qualified audiences and drive high-quality leads. Having tried other vendors that “over promised” and were “never quite as good as they said they were,” Paula appreciated that with ViB, she knew exactly what she was getting. 

“They made it easy to get started,” she says, with their offering of an inexpensive pilot program rather than a year-long subscription. She notes that this pilot approach is especially welcome right now, because of the many unknowns caused by the pandemic. “It was a low-risk, low-cost way of getting to know each other.” 

Guardicore needed a program that “could get our solution in front of potential customers,” Paula says. And ViB’s approach “worked really well.” ViB not only introduced Guardicore’s solution to targeted, buying-ready members of ViB’s community of more than 2 million professionals. They also listened for specific pain points. “When prospects come to us, we already know what problems they’re trying to solve, and what’s driving them to us,” she says. “That makes a world a difference.”

Dramatic Results

ViB’s appointment setting program “performs really well — it’s one of the best programs we’ve executed this year,” Paula says. “Working with ViB helped us find new audiences and put us in a much better spot.” In just a few weeks, “the conversion rate grew to upwards of 60 percent from lead to opportunity.” 

Paula found ViB to be not only “innovative from an appointment-setting standpoint” but also very responsive. “This is a difficult time right now,” she says. “I can’t rely on traditional channels to deliver a consistent number of leads.” She says that “ViB is really helping us pivot to build our pipeline and meet our goals.” 

According to Paula, ViB does not overpromise — they deliver. And from an investment standpoint, with ViB “we are seeing the ROI we’re looking for.” 

Given all the unexpected changes this year, Paula says: “I’m lucky that the stars aligned with ViB.”

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