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Hortonworks unveils roadmap to make Hadoop cloud-native

Submitted by on September 10, 2018 – 10:01 pmNo Comment

It would be pure understatement to say that the world has changed since Hadoop debuted just over a decade ago. Rewind the tape to 5 – 10 years ago, and if you wanted to work with big data, Hadoop was pretty much the only platform game in town. Open source software was the icing on the cake of cheap compute and storage infrastructure that made processing and storing petabytes of data thinkable.


Since then, storage and compute have continued to get cheaper. But so has bandwidth, as 10 GbE connections have supplanted the 1 GbE connections that were the norm a decade ago. The cloud, edge computing, smart devices, and the Internet of Things have changed the big data landscape, while alternatives such as dedicated Spark and AI services offer alternatives to firing up full Hadoop clusters. And as we previously noted, capping it off, cloud storage has become the de facto data lake.

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