Software company drives over 500 net-new registrants with SmartSend


Net-new webinar registrations

Precise targeting

Capturing challenging ABM prospects

No audience fatigue

Every email delivers consistent results


After beginning her role as a marketing specialist for AtScale, Mary O’Hara was charged with coordinating and managing all paid media promotions, increasing downloads for evergreen content, and driving registrations to webinars. 

To move the needle, Mary began working with a variety of AtScale’s lead generation partners who promised to bring in a large volume of qualified leads through email blasts, newsletter insertions, and on-demand webinar programs.

However, because the content wasn’t hosted on AtScale’s site, the leads those vendors secured had no brand familiarity with AtScale. When salespeople followed up, contacts were often confused about who they were or how they got their number. 

In other words, while those marketing vendors made good on their promise to bring in leads, the leads were unqualified and rarely resulted in meetings

Challenges when working with other lead generation partners

  • Brand mentions didn’t translate to brand familiarity 
  • Leads had no prior interest to meet a sales rep
  • Fewer meetings delivered than promised

Solution and results

Mary leveraged ViB’s B2B email marketing service to solve these challenges.

With ViB’s SmartSend, Mary’s target audiences enjoy a seamless, end-to-end AtScale branded experience from the moment they first engage with the content. And because they’re driven to an AtScale landing page, they have familiarity with the site and an opportunity to explore further. 

Instead of confusing leads with a clunky hand-off, prospects fully anticipate a follow-up call, and many convert into meetings. 

Scaling lead generation further

After seeing initial success with the program, Mary decided to double her SmartSend credits, which also doubled the impact. Since then, she says she’s been “burning through credits” to great results. 

She now does two SmartSends per month, and is considering expanding. Already, the program has generated 519 net new registrations, including a challenging-to-capture ABM prospect

Additionally, Mary says she hasn’t observed any content fatigue — there are no drops or dips in engagement, and email outcomes are consistent with each send (which isn’t always the case with other vendors).

Furthermore, she points out that ViB is always interested in the results and identifying opportunities to generate even better outcomes. 

Highlights from ViB’s email marketing program

  • Increased campaign engagement, with 519 net new registrations for a webinar
  • High scalability with consistent results and no audience fatigue
  • Precise targeting 
  • Qualified and interested leads who anticipate follow-ups meetings
  • Excellent customer service

ViB is always transparent about the results they can drive, and they care about the outcome of our campaigns. They’re very precise with targeting, which helps filter out the noise and get the right people in the door.

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