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How to realize server virtualization energy savings

Submitted by on November 8, 2018 – 3:51 amNo Comment

One of the most important benefits of virtualization is better hardware resource utilization; with fewer physical servers, organizations use less energy to deliver workloads and cool the underlying equipment. Careful decision-making can help IT administrators realize even more server virtualization energy savings.

In 2014, researchers demonstrated how virtualization reduces both energy consumption and cooling requirements. In their report, “Implementation of Server Virtualization to Build Energy Efficient Data Centers,” a small group of researchers described the effect of applying virtualization to a data center with 500 servers. Prior to virtualizing the systems, the servers’ utilization rate averaged around 10%, with each machine consuming about 100 watts of power, for a total of 50,000 watts. The researchers broke workloads into three categories based on application type, and then implemented virtualization to support those workloads.

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