Marketing Strategies and Solutions to Improve Your Odds

Which marketing strategies will help you hit your numbers this quarter — and this year? That’s the question on every marketer’s mind. Lately we’ve all had to bob-and-weave like never before, changing our marketing strategies to adapt to unprecedented challenges. 

Despite so much change, there are still ample opportunities to reach audiences and build your pipeline. But it may be necessary to adopt emerging strategies that will significantly improve your chances of winning.

Learn how leading marketers are leveraging new strategies and solutions in this short, 30-minute recorded webinar. This episode is part of the ongoing Success Series of webinars brought to you by the marketing experts at Virtual Intelligence Briefing


Tom Riddle, director of survey and research solutions at ViB, reveals winning, customer-validated solutions guaranteed to improve your odds of success. Find out which marketing strategies are helping organizations of all sizes get more sales. 

Learn how to:

  • Increase both awareness and leads
  • Quickly generate qualified sales meetings with a 35-40% conversion to sales opportunities
  • Easily create the most trusted forms content proven to convert to significantly higher revenue
  • Understand precisely why you win and lose sales opportunities — and how to win more
  • Make market intelligence work for you


Email marketing is nothing new — but ViB’s SmartSend demand and awareness generation service is both innovative and uniquely effective. SmartSend helps ViB customers succeed because it leverages a highly engaged community of over 2 million professionals. “These professionals trust ViB — and by extension, trust you,” Tom explains.

“SmartSend is a simple concept, but not simplistic in the way it’s executed.” Using high-precision targeting, ViB takes your compelling content and calls to action and extends their reach. Instead of just handing over an inert spreadsheet bi-monthly, “we send qualified individuals to your landing pages, to register for your calls to action,” says Tom. 

Not only do you gain transparency into the quality of the leads. For leads that don’t convert “you’re getting awareness.” That means they’ve visited your website. It also helps with easy retargeting. 


Typical appointment-setting programs are call based. But to increase the volume of sales meetings, marketing professionals need a way to improve their odds and make the most of their time. Many sophisticated organizations “have the best SDRs, the best tools and processes, but they still need more meetings,” says Tom

ViB developed an improved solution for appointment setting to better meet customer needs. Tom explains that a customer came to ViB, saying: “You know what, our nurturing programs are great, but we’re just not always getting that right level of conversion, or it’s taking too long. We’d like a blended approach. We really want more meetings now.” 

ViB’s Appointment Setting service delivers highly qualified meetings at the rate of “your A-performing SDRs — about a 35% conversion.” The difference? No training is required. Meetings can be set as soon as 7 to 10 business days after kickoff. And satisfaction is guaranteed — without a long-term commitment. 

The result is you’ll get more meetings — and get your solution in front of more customers.


Thought leadership continues to be an important marketing strategy. But it can be expensive and time-consuming to develop the materials required for an effective campaign. That’s why more and more companies of all sizes are taking thought leadership into their own hands.

Tom explains how the ViB State Of The Industry program helps companies easily and quickly create thought leadership that moves the needle. “We start with purpose-built surveys that are designed to yield the most trusted forms of content.” These surveys allow companies to create “vendor-neutral, third-party, end user-based content — in the volumes of varieties to assert thought leadership, and drive campaigns.”

This service is designed to help companies stand out from the crowd, leveraging “the most influential form of content with decision makers.” This content is proven to convert to revenue at a significantly higher rate than the industry average. 

One ViB customer developed content from just one survey that contributed to $3 million dollars in pipeline.


For many organizations, there’s just not enough time in the day to properly analyze why you win deals or why you lose opportunities. But there’s so much to gain from doing this work — if it’s done right.

For some companies, starting a program for “what’s commonly referred to in the industry as a win/loss analysis” can fall short, says Tom. ViB performed extensive research to figure out why this is the case. The result is a new, proven solution “that blends quantitative and qualitative aspects to provide an accuracy that you can’t get from traditional interview-based methods, or interview-only-based methods.”

ViB’s market research service can help you “accurately and precisely identify why you win, why you lose, against whom, under what circumstances — and provide you recommendations of what you need to do about it.” This affordable solution gives you a broad range of actionable insights.

Some insights show that against a certain company in a certain scenario, you didn’t have to discount. “So right there, you’re improving your profitability,” says Tom. Customers also get the benefit of a long view: you’ll see when you need to add a new feature or product, or risk losing market share. You’ll also understand how to better strategize to “take advantage of an emerging competitor’s weakness.” 

“Our customers use this solution in marketing, in product, in strategy, positioning, and sales enablement as well.” Get a jump on the competition and understand how to convert more opportunities into wins.


Companies of all sizes are putting key marketing solutions to work for their organizations this year. Find out more by watching the entire episode, “The ViB 2021 Marketing Strategies & Solutions Update.” Generate better leads more quickly, and convert more opportunities to sales. See more success with your marketing initiatives, hit your numbers, and help your company grow.

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