NetAbstraction Announces New Patent

CHANTILLY, Va., Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — NetAbstraction, Inc. is proud to announce the Issue Notification from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a new U.S. Patent which issued on December 24, 2019. This is the fifth patent issued to NetAbstraction and is titled “Dynamic, User-Configurable Virtual Private Network.”

Because NetAbstraction controls routing through its network, the patent covers two new capabilities that solve some of the most important concerns that has limited the adoption of Software Defined Network (SDN) Virtualization.

  • The ability to dynamically shift network traffic without losing communications – most SDN implementations must tear down and re-establish a virtual connection and thus have too much latency to keep the communications connections up and running when shifting the network path. Because the NetAbstraction network solution does not tear down the network, it improves the performance through the network and provides better agility.
  • The ability to encrypt end-to-end through the network – most SDN implementations require decryption at each intermediary node. NetAbstraction improves security in the network.

These two capabilities improve on well-known prior art:

  • NetAbstraction expands on current VPN techniques – it improves performance by controlling the routing through the virtual network.
  • NetAbstraction has solved a key vulnerability in the TOR network – TOR operates by broadcasting a node list to all clients. By controlling the routing via the NetAbstraction secure routing server, it has the ability to establish its VPN without the need to broadcast the identity of participating nodes to clients.

“This is the future of networking for businesses” said Barbara Hunt, NetAbstraction CEO.  “Leased lines are expensive, static and make a fixed target for cyber attacks. They also limit the ability to elastically meet bandwidth demands. When considering the use of the Internet, there are significant cost savings, but performance and security are key considerations.”

“Software Defined Networking provides the opportunity for businesses to leverage the Internet while providing an additional layer of security protection, said Ira Hunt, Director of Engineering for NetAbstraction and the lead developer for the new patent technology. “SDN is still in its maturation phase. Our patents address key fundamental deficiencies in SDN:  improved performance, increased security, and better agility which provide better resiliency and a reduced cyber-attack vector.”

About NetAbstraction: NetAbstraction protects identities and systems by intelligently selecting and obscuring global network pathways of the Internet. Developed from roots in the U.S. Intelligence Community, NetAbstraction’s technology is born from our expertise in designing, creating and implementing non-traditional and non-attributable telecommunication networks in support of critical U.S. Intelligence Community missions.

Now, that same unparalleled technology is available to enterprises that need to protect their information, people and networks from the growing pool of cyber attacks.

SOURCE NetAbstraction