New ViB Ebook: Four Leading Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Success

You have likely heard the often-cited comment: “Email marketing is dead.” Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, email marketing will outlive all of us. After all, how could a marketing tactic that delivers results like these be dead?

  • Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 spent (Litmus) 
  • 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last year (The State of Email Report)
  • 81% of businesses rely on email marketing as a primary channel of customer acquisition (Emarsys)

Our new ebook — “How to Enhance Your Email Marketing Results” — provides a simple and effective overview of the leading email marketing tips and templates to help ensure your email marketing program is alive and kicking — and successful!

4 quick-start tips for creating better emails

These four short tips are a great way to start your journey to producing better emails and generating greater email marketing results.

Make your emails as personal as possible

The strongest word in marketing is “you.” That’s because personalizing your messaging is a proven success factor. Email personalization means tailoring your email content for each recipient. One example is to use their actual names in the salutation. This will help recipients feel more comfortable with your message. 

Another great way to personalize your emails is to send them from a personal email address. Emails sent from impersonal email addresses typically land in the trash. To avoid that outcome, use an email address from a real person in your marketing emails.

Grab readers’ interest in the subject line

There is a simple equation that the best email marketers live by: the better your subject lines are written, the higher your open rates will be. Think of them as the magic key that can unlock more doors — doors your recipients can’t resist opening. 

However, writing door-opening email subject lines is not an easy task. In fact, it’s more like an art and a science. One tried-and-true tip to great email subject lines is to elicit curiosity. For example, “You don’t want to miss these hidden secrets about how consumers choose technology products.” 

Another example of a high-impact subject line is to create curiosity. One example is, “Do you know these secrets of top brands?” Also, creating urgency is another great secret. For example, “For a limited time, you can gain this special offer!”

Offer your email recipients a real benefit

The worst thing you can do is send an email just to send it or because you think it’s been too long since you communicated with the world. Emails need to have a real purpose and pack a real punch. The best way to make an impact is to offer recipients a real benefit, such as something of real value to them.

A great way to bring benefits front and center is to think reciprocity. That means creating a two-way exchange of something valuable with someone. 

Your challenge in creating a give-and-take dynamic is to find out what would be of value to your recipients. For example, would they like a how-to guide on how to make their work lives easier? Would they like to watch a quick video that offered real solution to a problem them might be facing?

Craft actionable emails

Typically, the most effective emails are short, but potent. In other words, they get to the point — saying a lot, but in as few words as possible. 

Also, don’t forget to add a clear call to action. Every email needs a purpose — and that purpose should be to elicit an action. This requires providing a clear call to action. You can do this with a link or a button. In either case, be sure it’s both clear and simple to follow.

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Email marketing is powerful and very much alive — but it’s not always easy. These four tips can help. But you can gain more in-depth insight on how to improve the impact of your email marketing campaigns in our complimentary new ebook: “Enhance Your Email Marketing Results.”

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