Manager of global email marketing leverages SmartSend to increase conversions and build pipeline

Extended Audience Reach

Created Power Channel That Reliably Builds Pipeline

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Sheila Madrigal began her career in marketing operations. In 2016, the Head of Demand Generation at the publicly traded, hyper-converged infrastructure pioneer Nutanix invited her to explore a different role: email marketing. She hopped on board, eager to expand her skills. At first, in addition to managing the company’s Marketo instance, she found herself single-handedly managing Nutanix’s email marketing globally. In the years since, the company’s marketing organization has grown significantly. Now Senior Manager of Global Email Marketing at Nutanix, Sheila oversees worldwide email strategy and execution for the cloud computing leader.

“Initially my team’s goal was to simply get registrations, which is to say conversions, from the emails we send,” Sheila says. As her organization grew, so did her goals. “Now we have Marketing Qualified Leads, or MQL goals, and then from those MQLs, we have Sales Accepted Leads, or SAL goals,” she says. “We need the leads that we generate from targeted emails to turn into meetings.”

“Our challenge is figuring out what assets to promote, when, and how often” to expand her audience among qualified buyers. “I need to drive conversions that turn into MQLs, meetings — and ultimately pipeline.”

ViB Solution

As she built out the company’s worldwide email strategy, Sheila leveraged ViB’s SmartSend program, working with ViB President Sean Shea and his team to land on the right mix of content, cadence, and audience for her email sends.

“We do have existing channels that we use to promote assets and events, such as our social channels and internal database,” Sheila says. But when her team wants to expand their audience, they look to other avenues. “ViB has been one of the core channels and services that have helped drive registrations and conversions for Nutanix.”

One differentiator is ViB’s personal service and high level of responsiveness. “Sean has been easy to work with and anytime we have a question or concern, he immediately offers a solution.”

With outside vendors, there’s always a risk that they won’t deliver the conversions needed to meet each of the different quarterly goals. “But we rely on the fact that ViB has performed well for us in the past,” Sheila says, “Working with ViB, we can reasonably plan for the same kind of success to continue.”


“We really get bang for our buck with ViB,” Sheila says. “Not only is the cost per MQL low on the demand gen side, but the leads we’ve generated through ViB have moved down the funnel better than other channels.”

Sheila depends on the strong performance of the programs she executes with ViB, quarter after quarter. “ViB’s results have far exceeded all of the other vendors we’ve used over the last few years.” If the performance of a particular initiative falls short, she simply reaches out to Sean and his team. “Typically they’ll either execute a resend with different assets or find other ways to expand the audience” to improve her results.

“The ViB MQL to SAL conversion rate is one of the highest of all of our paid channels,” Sheila says. What’s more, with many vendors, she has to book programs months out. But because “Sean and his team are very flexible, we’re able to iterate on the fly” to execute sends and generate more leads and meetings.

After partnering with ViB for over three years, Sheila asserts: “Sean’s attention to detail and lead generation services are some of the best in the business.”

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