Pay Per Lead Generation Companies

Pay per lead is a unique pricing model when you outsource lead generation, i.e. the process of driving leads who are interested in a company’s products or services.

It sounds like a “too good to be true” concept, but investing in pay per lead generation companies is a great business strategy to maximize your demand generation ROI. Here’s how. 

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While there are many ways that businesses can generate leads, one of the best ways to do so is by partnering with a leads company or, in the context of B2B, a B2B lead generation agency

What are lead generation companies? 

First, what are lead generation companies? A lead generation company basically sells their services to help other companies achieve lead generation success.

The main advantage to working with a lead generation company is that you receive expert advice from a team of professionals that have been around the block.

Demand generation, particularly in the B2B space, can be incredibly complex, and sourcing the right prospects can be a challenge in and of itself. 

B2B lead generation companies make it possible for all businesses, whether big or small, experienced or inexperienced in gathering leads, to achieve lead generation success. They can help you develop a solid marketing strategy to attract high-quality leads and maintain that success, even if there comes a point when you choose to go about it independently.

What about pay per lead generation companies? 

Pay per lead is a marketing agreement in which your business pays a B2B lead generation company for new leads — but (and here’s the great part) you only pay for “successful leads.”

The definition of a successful lead is one which has taken a pre-defined action.

For example, successful leads may have:

  • filled out a form to download your content, as part of a pay per lead B2B content syndication service
  • registered for or attended a webinar you’re hosting, as part of a pay per lead webinar promotion service
  • or attended an appointment with your sales reps, as part of a pay per lead B2B appointment setting service

Partnering with the right B2B lead generation company makes it possible for businesses to achieve lead generation success. When you add in the pay per lead model, you’re ensured you get the best return on your lead-generation investment. 

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How pay per-lead generation companies work

Before your lead generation agency of choice begins bringing you leads, you first need to come to an agreement on your budget for the service.

Determining the amount of leads you would like to acquire is a good way to gauge what type of influx in business you should expect, as well as letting you know what to expect in terms of budget. The budget will impact the number of qualified leads you’ll receive in a specific time period.

Leads can be acquired in many ways and every agency has their own methodology for attracting B2B leads. Among the most common ways are engaging in conversion events such as email campaigns, cold calling companies, and adding a contact form to your website. 

Pay per lead marketing companies will only get paid after delivering quality leads that are willing to take the next step. This greatly helps your company get the most out of your lead generation partner without breaking your budget.

Example of how a pay per lead generation model works

Take B2B appointment setting for example. Typically, there are two main pricing models:

  1. pay-per-lead appointment setting, where you typically pay only for every successful meeting held
  2. fee-for-service appointment setting, where you hire an outsourced SDR on a retainer contract

With a pay per lead appointment setting model, the lead generation agency will usually first determine how many appointments you need, and what constitutes a successful appointment. With ViB’s B2B appointment setting service, we consider a meeting taken as a successful appointment.

So if the agency schedules 10 meetings for you, but only 8 prospects them show up to take the meeting, the agency will generate 2 more appointments to fulfil the lead guarantee. 

With the fee-for-service model, you could hire an outsourced SDR and pay them by the hour to generate appointments for you. Whether the leads actually show up for your scheduled appointments isn’t contractually guaranteed.

More on the pay per lead model vs. retainer contracts 

Most lead generation companies work on a retainer contract basis, which means their services are delivered via a long-term contract at a set monthly fee. This approach is the most common largely because it’s challenging to continually produce a steady flow of qualified leads. 

Providing unqualified leads is much easier. And what you typically receive when you work with an agency on a retainer basis are unqualified leads. 

Pay per lead agencies put themselves on the line by offering clients qualified leads. This means they must be extremely diligent about the quality of their leads because their clients only pay for real results. Unlike contracted service arrangements, pay per lead agencies are fully incentivized to deliver only the best leads and to do so on an ongoing basis. 

Advantages of the pay per lead pricing model

There are three primary advantages of work with an agency on a pay-per-lead generation basis, including: 

  1. The agency will identify the best channels to reach your target audience. Pay per lead agencies specialize in finding the right avenues for lead generation and for reaching in-market, active buyers. They put the work in to build the channels — and you’ll be the benefactor of their hard work. 
  2. The agency will optimize your marketing budget. Pay per lead companies are extra diligent in their lead generation efforts because their clients will only pay for quality leads. This means the agency only gets paid if they product quality leads. 
  3. The agency will consistently deliver qualified leads. Pay per lead companies excel in not only finding quality leads but also in keeping the incoming flow of quality leads steady. This means your sales pipeline will always be as full as you want it to be. 

The challenge of finding the right agency 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes then choosing the best B2B lead generation agencies, or lead list companies like B2B data providers.

While there are some basic best practices you can follow to achieve better results, much depends on your specific business, your industry, your desired niche, and what type of leads you’re hoping to attract. This is why finding the best pay per lead service provider can be challenging. 

Choosing the best lead generation companies may not be easy but finding a company that can help your business thrive will make it worth your while. Pay per lead generation companies have become especially common in recent years as more and more businesses understand the importance of lead generation. This gives you many options — but can also make the search more challenging.  

Lead generation companies have different strategies. Although they are all focused on lead generation, the way they approach the process of attracting new leads will be different. For example, some agencies may use SEO practices, while others may rely on affiliate programs. 

Finding an ideal B2B lead generation agency

Be aware that using the wrong marketing agency could hurt your business more than help it. It’s critical to take the time to understand how each B2B lead generation service operates before you choose one.

Here are the four basic steps to finding the right lead generation service for your business:

  1. Outline your goals and define your purpose for partnering with a lead generation service. 
  2. Determine what kind of leads you want to receive and how often. 
  3. Make sure the agency you choose is able to create a proactive lead generation strategy that meets your needs.
  4. Decide which payment model sounds best for you — pay per lead or monthly retainer contract.

How to outsource B2B lead generation like a pro

Examples of the best B2B pay per lead companies

Here are four of today’s leading B2B lead generation companies:

ViB. Boasting a 4.7 customer satisfaction rating, ViB is one of the best lead generation companies around today. The platform gathers information about companies through surveys, webinars, and more to help users reach their target audience. What’s more, ViB can help your business in several ways, opening the door to greater lead generation opportunities. Whether you need help with email marketing, appointment setting, content syndication, virtual events, or otherwise, ViB can assist you in finding the right leads. 

Service Direct. A technology company that offers local lead generation solutions that help service businesses grow. The firm combines expertise in hyperlocal advertising with proven lead management technologies — and offers targeted and customized lead generation with pay per lead pricing that provides a cost-effective, transparent, and low-risk way to get new customers.

RED. A boutique agency with over 14 years of experience in lead generation, branding, and direct response marketing. The RED team works with a select number of clients every year to build custom online marketing campaigns that generate leads, nurture prospects, and convert opportunities into paying customers, so businesses can grow.

Silver Web Solutions. One of the top Atlanta internet marketing companies providing affordable leads, internet marketing, and SEO packages for small- to mid-size businesses across the U.S. and Canada. The company uses multiple strategies to generate leads for clients. Its propriety methods include pay per lead websites. 

Optimize pay per lead — work with ViB

While there are many B2B lead generation services with whom you can partner, ViB offers several advantages you won’t find with other agencies.

  • ViB is one of the most affordable lead generation agencies. In fact our services are often as low as half the price of typical lead generation agencies
  • We also one of the fastest acting agencies. Right out of the gate, we start feeding our clients fresh, qualified leads — typically within weeks rather than months. 
  • ViB is easy to use. Our services require little set up or training. 
  • We host a thriving community of companies. Our community of over two million technology buyers is in-market and looking for solutions. Also, 48% of our community members are manager level or above.
  • ViB allows you to target your marketing. ViB can sort through our member profiles to see which companies you’d most like to target based on your lead generation criteria.

But what about the bottom line? We score high on that front, too! ViB clients enjoy tremendous success in capturing leads and turning leads into something real opportunities and then into customers. Some of our clients have experienced as much as an 80% conversion rate. ViB’s proven approach has helped businesses like Nutanix and Siemplify generate more opportunities and close won deals. 

Having access to a robust community of B2B leads like ours can give your company access to the leads you need to meet your business and revenue goals. 

Call us today to set up a time to talk about your pay per lead generation opportunities with ViB. 

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