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InfoSec firm uses email marketing to increase qualified lead volume and business growth

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Customer Challenge: 

In 2018, Pivot Point Security set out to accomplish two goals: supplement an inbound program that wasn’t scaling quickly enough, and expand buying interest beyond a limited group of their services. 

According to Marketing Director Jeremy Sporn: “We had hit a plateau in our inbound marketing — we could not get past a certain number of leads.” And while they were actively promoting leads for some of their services, other offerings they had earmarked for growth were not seeing the same levels of interest. 

For Jeremy, meeting these goals was mission-critical. Not only did his own performance metrics rely on driving new leads, new proposals, and new sales; the company had hired staff for their growing business units and needed leads to support that investment. “Not having those leads was affecting the way we were hoping to grow,” says Jeremy. “It was a significant business challenge.”

VIB Solution: 

When Jeremy received a ViB marketing email, the unique business model caught his attention. ViB has their own large and loyal community “and would only work with companies they could trust promoting within that community,” a concept Jeremy says set them apart. “They were staking their name on us being someone worth their members’ time to talk to.” 

Jeremy partnered with ViB for an appointment setting campaign, despite the fact that he had tried other appointment setting vendors without success. “Appointment setting is a very hightrust endeavor,” says Jeremy. Pivot Point Security prospects are a highly intelligent segment, and “building relationships through an appointment setting service was something we were not sure was even possible.” 

“I chose ViB because Tom [Riddle, ViB Director, Market Research Solutions] was extremely impressive — it was clear he understood what he was doing, he asked very good questions about what we were hoping to accomplish, and he was very sincere about where he could help us and where he could not help us. We appreciated that direct expectation setting.”

Dramatic Results: 

As a direct result of ViB’s appointment setting campaign, Pivot Point’s new proposal numbers went up considerably. According to Jeremy: “We would get about 2 to 3 sales calls per week from ViB, which was good.” New high-quality leads across all offerings were met with approval from the sales team. “I view my sales people as my clients and I need to deliver leads that they’re happy with — and they were happy with the leads generated by ViB.” 

“For me,” says Jeremy, “the best part about ViB leads is that they are interested buyers. They are not just tire kickers or people looking for information: about 50 percent of calls resulted in proposals, a very high conversion rate.” 

Without ViB, Jeremy’s marketing programs would not have scaled to meet company goals. “ViB helped me get through a very challenging time in my career,” he says. “Our company grew 7% that year, despite challenges, and with ViB’s help, we continued to grow.” 

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