Global software company drives critical webinar attendance with targeted leads

Improved Brand Awareness

Expanded Targeted Database Contacts

Extended Audience Reach


Industry veteran Tom Pappalardo built his marketing career in high-tech. With a proven track record at both startups and larger organizations, he’s now Director of Demand Generation at the global software company PTC.

For 2020, Tom designed a comprehensive strategy to hit his numbers for bookings and revenue, including many activities and events planned months in advance. But with the rise of Covid, everything changed.

“Suddenly, we needed to respond to a business environment in which our customers were staying home,” he says. “We quickly reworked our plan and pushed webinars to the forefront of the overall mix.”

As part of the new plan, Tom sought ways for PTC to boost webinar registrations and attendance. “Reaching the right contacts is obviously fundamental to a webinar’s success,” he says. “If webinar metrics lag, it hurts my goals for the quarter and for the year.”

ViB Solution

Tom’s engagement with ViB goes back years. “I think of ViB first to find contacts beyond what’s in our database,” Tom says. “And I recommend ViB to our field marketing team and demand gen groups across different software segments.”

Tom notes the importance of having reliable vendors as part of a successful marketing strategy. “When it comes to services like boosting webinar attendees, ViB has been my go-to vendor.”

For this year specifically, the PTC field marketing teams leverage ViB’s precision targeted webinar leads to expand their reach and increase webinar registrations.

Dramatic Results

ViB shared PTC webinar invitations with targeted members of their active community of over 2 million professionals and decision makers. Access to ViB’s high-quality webinar leads drove brand awareness and webinar attendance for PTC at this critical time.

“Sean [Shea, ViB President] works closely with us to get the targeted lists we need to hit our metrics,” says Tom. “And he takes it one step further, providing more contacts than we’ve contracted for. He wants to make sure we’re successful.”

“The ViB data is consistently good quality,” adds Tom. “And they’re easy to work with, too.” Not only does ViB understand their customers’ overall needs, “they provide expert feedback that helps us get results.”

Tom appreciates that ViB is extremely cost-effective compared to other vendors. What’s more, “ViB also has that personal touch — Sean overdelivers on anything he delivers to us. He wants to make sure we’re happy with his services and that we’re meeting our goals.” That’s why choosing ViB is “a no-brainer,” he says.

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