ViB Research Services



Industry Challenges / State of Industry

Helps IT decision makers and staff articulate challenges / advocate for the (your) solutions they need to be successful.

Credible, Vendor-Neutral 3rd Party Research Employing Advanced Survey Methodologies to assure the highest data quality. Respondents have a positive, altruistic motivation to participate as they are offered the opportunity to be the first to share the findings with their team, before the results are publicly released.

Easy to Create Compelling Content | Qualified Leads | Informed Appointments
Affordable | Ultra Low Client Effort | Precision Targeting
Advanced Methodology | Diverse IT Domain Expertise

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Customer Spotlight and Example Content

This program is great for creating greater awareness, thought leadership and developing highly effective demand gen content, and yields high quality leads, and informed sales appointments. Surveys are designed to be aligned with your unique messaging and value proposition, in a vendor-neutral way for highest credibility.  We’ll come to a kickoff call with what you’ll find to be an impressive understanding of your business, and design and execute an extremely effective program in about 6 weeks from start to finish.  About 90% of the effort is on our side, and the program is ultra-affordable.

  • Content –  Easy to create compelling content falls out of the survey deliverables.  Awareness, Thought Leadership, and Demand Gen CTA.  We make it very easy to create reports, infographics, posts, sales enablement materials, and insert compelling facts into press releases, interviews, board and customer presentations.  Our customers repeatedly tell us that content generated from ViB surveys are among their top demand gen vehicles.
  • Qualified Leads –  We ask each highly qualified respondent if they will opt-in to the survey sponsor’s community.  (~ 70% do)
  • Informed Sales Appointments  –  We ask each highly qualified respondent if they would take a call to discuss survey findings with the survey sponsor. (~ 25% do)  We inform you of their responses to ~ 23-25 questions for your pre-call prep which greatly increases call effectiveness. Increases your ability to relate, and allows for  a much more informed discussion.  Decreases discovery time so you can focus more on fit / next steps.  Each respondent is QC’d, you only pay for meetings taken, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand Equity (Competitive Awareness, Perception & Relevancy)

Intelligence to identify and confidently focus your marketing, product and sales investments on highest success initiatives

Awareness | Perception | Familiarity Relevancy
Brand | Capabilities Features | Decision Criteria | Brand Promises
You | Your Competitors


This program is used by companies from startups to $20B+ clients to identify, and create the certainty required to confidently invest on the highest return initiatives.  It’s typically purchased by Marketing, and makes marketing a hero with product management, sales, strategy, and competitive intelligence groups when they share stakeholder relevant insights.

  • Awareness is fundamental for inclusion into consideration set.  Start by understanding how aware your target personas are of you and your key competitors (unaided recall, aided awareness, and depth of awareness)
  • Perception is fundamental to getting selected.  Understand how you / they are perceived in all important dimensions, and make adjustments based on the results.
  • Relevancy is just fundamental.  You need an accurate understanding of what is relevant, irrelevant and relevancy trends to not over-focus or under-focus on those things
  • Competitive strengths / weaknesses.  To gain an edge you need accurate intelligence to exploit competitive weaknesses, accentuate your strengths, and defend against areas requiring improvement.

High Precision  – Executed on the industry’s most advanced (Qualtrics) survey and analysis platform used by top B2B’s like IBM, SAP, Oracle & Microsoft and consumer brands like Apple, Samsung and Procter and Gamble.    Easy to assimilate, and act upon –results are delivered jargon free, in an easy to understand and an act upon manner requiring no knowledge of statistics / other analysis methods. Most actions are undertaken within the marketing organization.

Win-Loss Analysis Program 

Understand precisely why you win, why you lose, against who, under what circumstances, in order to increase win rates

A better approach | Less than half the cost  | More accurate
More easily actionable | Low client time & effort
No cultural change or executive oversight required | Most actions can be taken by Marketing

What is more important than winning more business?   Win-Loss has always been a great idea, but a new approach is needed.  Most traditional (qualitative interview-style) programs, despite best intentions and preparation deliver so-so results at best, and cause friction with sales organizations.

ViB’s high frequency, quantitative “Always on” approach provides much more affordable, accurate, and inherently more actionable results. The program allows you to track and improve win-rates. You provide us a few very easy to export CRM opportunity fields for Wins and Losses and we do the rest. Your results are continually updated on a very easy to navigate, no software required interface.  Easy to filter by who you are competing against, each unique decision criteria, deal size, wins, losses and demographics.  Allows you to precisely identify why you win, and why you lose, under what circumstances, and what to do aboutMemb