Scale’s HE150 the first of a big push to small edge HCI hardware

Retail in particular is a focus, but according to Scale’s office of the CTO, Alan Conboy, customers will also include companies that run retail outlets, ships, and oil platforms, for example. In reference to Scale’s HyperCore operating system, which runs a lightweight Linux KVM and not VMware or Microsoft hypervisors, Conboy said: “No one else can fit a top-to-bottom hyper-converged platform on hardware as small as we can.

“It’s a Linux derivative with everything stripped out to give a really tight architecture that allows us to scale down in this way. We have resource consumption down to 1GB of RAM and 10% of a node.” Conboy said Scale plans to add further HE products – the E standing for ‘edge’ – to the product family, going higher and lower in terms of capacity.

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