Appointment Setting

ViB is the go-to demand generation partner for high-tech
marketers who need to build pipeline fast.

Your results matter most

We’ve all been there, your team has a massive sales qualified lead goal and not enough prospects to fill the top of the funnel. At ViB, our top priority is getting the results you need by creating meaningful connections with technology buyers. Whether you’re building pipeline for a new product, or closing the gap in a territory, we’ve got your back.

Achieve a higher lead to opportunity ratio

with a simple alternative to traditional appointment setting services

We don't use a call center

All ViB community members are verified as in-market for new technology and open to calls and meetings. They look to us to create connections with new and market leading solutions – no cold calls required.

Messages are solutions focused

Bypass objections due to brand or product biases. We’ll deploy a program that hones in on the business or technology challenge you solve. If the end user has the challenge, they are empowered to opt-in to meet with you. It’s that easy.

Appointments are no-risk

We don’t require lengthy contracts. You only pay for meetings held and all information is vetted to ensure we meet your criteria. We’re committed to getting you the results you need within a timeline and price range that fits your budget.

Learn how Paula achieved a 60% conversion rate from
lead to opportunity
"Working with ViB helped us find new audiences and put us in a much better spot. In just a few weeks, our conversion rate grew!"
Paula Ellis, Director of Demand Generation at Guardicore

How It Works

Select your

Simply share your objectives and demographics for your ideal buyer and we’ll do the heavy lifting. No need to write scripts or train our team.

We reach out to our community

Think of it like a blind date until you’re matched! You’ll craft an impactful message around the challenges you solve, and then we’ll alert our community.

Have your

Once the end user opts-in, you’ll be directly connected to schedule your meeting. This way you can choose the best timing without a pesky intermediary.

Get unbiased post-meeting feedback

After your meeting we’ll survey the customer to gather their feedback. This is especially helpful to identify improvements for meeting delivery.

Let’s get started

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