Content syndication

Expose high-value content to prospects who
may never find your brand organically.

Get your content in front of new audiences

You’ve invested time and money creating the perfect piece of content, now it’s time to maximize its reach beyond your website. We’ll help you amplify your content outside your known database leveraging ViB’s vast community of engaged professionals.

Your content, our community

More than 2 million professionals are ready to download your asset.

High-quality leads only

When you syndicate with ViB, you won’t get a spreadsheet of miscellaneous downloads that never convert. We’re dedicated to  growing your pipeline by boosting your content exposure – and we have the track record to prove it.

2-3x more content views than your site alone

More eyeballs = more downloads. Your content will be syndicated to our community of millions of technology professionals who are verified as in-market for new solutions.

Demonstrate thought leadership

Your buyer’s journey is constantly evolving, and everyone’s competing for their attention. Content syndication is a fast and effective way to establish your thought leadership and stand out from the crowd.

Learn how Mike generated 4x more pipeline from content syndication
“ViB is one of our best content syndication providers. They have demonstrated a consistently high ROI, and have exceeded our expectations.”
Mike Hardwiche Brown
VP of Demand Generation, Siemplify

How It Works

Determine targeting criteria

Who is your ideal buyer? You can easily segment our community by vertical, geography, title and level, technology, and more.

Provide your asset

Republish entire reports, white papers, or long or short-form copy. Simply provide us with your chosen asset, or work with us to build a must-read report.

We promote your content

And deliver highly qualified leads. We’ll promote your content to community members who meet your targeted criteria until we meet your goal.

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