Market Research

Create compelling content and drive leads through our exclusive vendor neutral surveys and market reports  

Take control of thought leadership

Creating thought leadership isn’t always so straightforward. When working with large analyst firms the narrative may not be controlled by you, and building reports to support your points are expensive. Our market research services are affordable, fast, and empower you to take control of your organization’s thought leadership.

Market research benefits

Exclusive surveys and in depth reports to create compelling content

Leverage the power of the ViB community

We’ll accomplish your market research goals by surveying our community of millions of technology professionals. The comprehensive research we’ll create from the findings can be used for brand awareness and integrated demand generation campaigns.

Don’t break the bank

ViB’s precisely targeted, vendor neutral surveys create depth reports that are budget friendly. You’ll get source data, quotes, insights, reports, and a comprehensive kit with guidelines for creation of content for ⅓ the cost of traditional agencies.

Robust content creation

We’ll deliver you key insights to develop strategic messaging, compelling content, webinars, infographics, thought leadership pieces and much more.

Establish yourself as a market leader and create strategic content to fuel your marketing campaigns
“We were able to take ViB’s survey results and create a great report. That report has so much life to it — creating blogs, doing a webinar, getting other outlets to pick it up, putting it into social channels and into content syndication, and getting those survey results into the market in digestible ways — and delivered great benefits to us.”
Mandy Skroupa
Marketing Programs Manager at Illumio

How It Works

Determine the story you want to tell

First we’ll discuss what outcomes you’re looking to drive from the research. As opposed to the large analyst firms, ViB research services empower you to control the narrative.

Define survey size and target criteria

Identify key questions and target criteria- geography, sample size, revenue, job profiles, verticals and technology.

Survey design and deployment

We design the survey and send it to you for your inputs. We then launch the survey and deliver an executive summary along with topic based Q&As.

We deliver a in depth report

We’ll compile all the data and provide you with a report inclusive of source data, quotes, insights and a comprehensive kit with guidelines for creation of content

Let’s get started

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