State of the Industry

Custom Market Data for Your Integrated Campaigns

Get insights that drive high-value decisions with ViB's tailor-made market research program.

  • Take control of your company’s thought leadership by executing a State of the Industry research program and campaign
  • Benefit from expert research proven to produce the most trusted content with the highest conversion rate
  • Get precisely targeted, vendor-neutral surveys purpose-built for you
  • Benefit from high-end survey capabilities that are affordable for all budgets
  • Easily create thought leadership content in your own brand
  • Benefit from varieties of topics and formats to drive multiple high-performance campaigns
  • Generate ultra-compelling insights that can be used to close more business

Powerful Insights

Increase awareness and separate yourself from the pack with insights you can use to easily create a wide variety of market-compelling content: must-read reports, webinars, blog posts, industry presentations, press releases, media articles, board presentations, and more.

Proven Program

ViB designs and executes your program quickly and effectively. We identify your objectives and targeting criteria — and then deliver our results of our research in a package of professional charts, data, quotes, and insights. The ViB Deliverables Kit comes complete with easy instructions for creating a variety of content.

Why ViB?

We come to the table with an understanding of your industry and your positioning. You benefit from turnkey, high-end survey capabilities previously exclusive to large company budgets. Drive multiple high-performance campaigns and get higher-quality leads that convert at a higher rate.

Get ultra-compelling insights that lead to more closed business.