WinMore Program

Gain Critical Insights that Help You Close More Business

Understand precisely why you win or lose sales opportunities -- and what to do about it -- with ViB’s new WinMore program.

  • Increase your win rates
  • Understand why you win or lose sales opportunities
  • Pinpoint easy-to-implement actions that improve sales opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage from trending market opportunities
  • Get results quickly and affordably
  • Discover actions that lead to more closed business
  • Gain awareness of emerging competitive issues

Actionable Findings

Companies understand the value of win/loss analysis but traditional approaches underperform on cost, effort, timing, accuracy, and the ability to act upon the findings. ViB’s new WinMore program removes those barriers and delivers powerful results quickly and affordably. You’ll be able to pinpoint easy-to-implement actions that improve win rates.

Impactful Results

Our WinMore program requires no training, little customer effort, no sales involvement, and is up and running in a matter of days. Results are easy to act upon for quick impact and more closed deals. Now companies can understand precisely why they win sales opportunities, why they lose, under what circumstances, and what to do about it.

Why ViB?

We handle the project management, promotion and logistics that ensure your event’s effectiveness and success.Teams like sales, market and business development, field marketing, and product marketing love ViB because we’re flexible, reliable, and deliver high-quality results quarter after quarter.

Increase your win rates.