Virtual Focus Groups

Get High-Quality, On-Demand Answers to Your Business-Critical Questions

Gather valuable feedback from exceptionally qualified panelists on your timeline with ViB’s new Virtual Focus Groups program.

  • Discover relevant opinions to help drive business objectives
  • Get informed feedback from exceptionally qualified panelists
  • Gain competitive advantage with fast, meaningful answers
  • Benefit from the power of ViB’s vast Community of more than 2 million highly engaged professionals
  • Foster a valuable discussion of your brand, solutions, and services 
  • Understand the needs, perceptions, preferences, attitudes and beliefs of your prospects and end-users
  • Find out which messaging resonates with target audiences
  • Learn whether your strategic positioning is effective
  • Receive informed input on product requirements, brand perceptions, website feedback, pricing, messaging, buying behaviors, and more

Valuable Discussions

We assemble 5-7 highly qualified participants, host the event on our platform, and deliver a video and transcript. Benefit from the breadth and depth of engagement of the VIB community and gain insight from exceptionally qualified panelists on your timeline.

Groundbreaking Program

Traditional focus groups are expensive and struggle to secure a panel well-qualified enough to provide informed feedback within desired timeframes. ViB’s new Virtual Focus Groups program removes these barriers, making it fast and affordable for companies to get informed answers that drive business objectives.

Why ViB?

We handle the project management, promotion and logistics that ensure your event’s effectiveness and success. Teams like demand generation, market and business development, field marketing, product marketing, and events love ViB because we’re flexible, reliable, and deliver high conversion rates quarter after quarter.

Gain insights that drive business objectives.