Security operations platform generates 4x more pipeline with content syndication

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more pipeline than any other provider
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lead-to-opportunity from appointments set
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As VP of Demand Generation for Siemplify, Mike Hardwicke Brown leads a team of 15 marketers and oversees all lead generation efforts. 

Like many successful marketing departments, Mike’s team puts significant resources into producing top-quality content, but they were struggling to get the content pushed out farther than their own website.

Siemplify began searching for content syndication vendors to expand their reach. Unfortunately, not every vendor could deliver the results
Mike’s team needed to justify the cost. And, even when they did, results weren’t sustainable as the vendors quickly saturated their available audiences, resulting in pipeline dips after just one quarter.

Challenges when working with other content syndication vendors

  • Costly with low ROI
  • Content fatigue due to over-saturation
  • No consistent or scalable results 


That’s when Siemplify’s Demand Generation Manager, Chris Mitchell, suggested ViB. He’d seen positive results while using the content syndication program at a previous employer. 

Mike agreed to give it a shot, providing ViB with a list of target criteria and beginning their typical new vendor vetting process of iterating on leads and assessing ROI.


Out of the 15 content syndication vendors Siemplify tried, ViB is the only provider they’ve worked with who exceeded expectations, and was consistently working to improve performance. 

We use four content syndication providers per quarter. We always recycle at least one to two [underperforming] vendors. But in two years together, we haven’t experienced any audience exhaustion with ViB and we haven’t rejected a single lead in more than a year.

Based on the program’s success, Mike’s team also invested in ViB’s appointment setting service. And, once again, they saw tremendous results.

The appointment setting program is probably one of the most successful pilots we’ve run in recent memory.

Of the first ten appointments the program generated, Siemplify earned eight meetings — six of which became opportunities.

Highlights of ViB’s content syndication service

  • 4x more pipeline than any other vendor
  • 50% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate
  • 100% qualified leads generated from the program

The consistency of high-quality leads and appointments has freed up resources for Mike and his team to expand other initiatives — like channel marketing, alliance marketing, and exploratory marketing programs. Thanks to the extra bandwidth, the demand generation team launched their first Siemplify conference, which was a smash success.

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