Boost Your Webinar Attendees

Increase Awareness of Your Webinar with Targeted Community Invitations

Drive highly qualified leads to your webinar or virtual event.

ViB’s SmartSend email service puts relevant data, precision targeting, and email delivery expertise to work for you. Reach targeted, buying-ready members of ViB’s vast community of more than 2 million professionals and drive your marketing objectives. Promote webinars, conferences, and content downloads. Increase awareness, expand your webinar attendees, and generate qualified leads. 

SmartSend Email Marketing SERVICE

Highly-Targeted Webinar Leads

How to increase webinar attendees

Define your audience
Share with us your targeting criteria and send us the HTML invitation for your event.

Drive qualified leads to your webinar or virtual event
We’ll send your invitation out to our community and drive them to the location of your choice.

Monitor the results of your campaign
You monitor our performance through a UTM code appended to the landing page link.

Our Community

The ViB community comprises over 2 million decision-makers and professionals who respect our brand. Our community profiles range from IT, engineering, operations, finance, sales, marketing, legal, and HR functions, and our contact data is continually curated and refreshed. Our end-user community represents your buyers and is responsive to our offers.

Drive more webinar attendees – starting now.