Tackling the convergence of data centers and central offices

Faced with the evolution of broadband services and the imminent rollout of 5G technology, service providers increasingly find it necessary to deploy a mix of wired and wireless services in their networks. What’s more, as this evolution drives the need for service delivery to be brought closer to the network edge, many operators are now required to incorporate data center functionality into their central offices alongside traditional telecommunications services.

However, supporting low-latency data applications and ‘standard’ telco services in the same facility will require operators to develop two different mindsets. At the same time as supporting the “rip and replace” data center approach, it will also be necessary to support the evolving needs of the traditional central office infrastructure over a long lifetime. But, as with any change in approach, it’s inevitable that planning and managing converged services in central offices will require its own best practices – and offer its own unique challenges.

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