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What You Need to Know About AWS’s Hybrid Cloud Play

Analyst rankings and market-share estimates for Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds show Amazon Web Services with a comfortable lead over Microsoft Azure, with Google Cloud Platform being a distant third. They rank the same in public cloud storage services, according to Gartner. A third major category of cloud services has now emerged as these players’ newest battleground: hybrid […]

Public cloud networking basics: How to navigate to AWS, Azure

For network administrators who have spent their entire careers configuring and maintaining on-premises networks, the thought of performing those same networking tasks within public cloud infrastructures can be vexing. The good news is — after a small learning curve — most administrators will discover that working on networks inside and between clouds is nearly identical […]

Top public cloud computing developments in the race for cloud supremacy

Over the past several years, the public cloud computing market has grown tremendously. It has seen a rise from $87 billion in 2015 to $146 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $236 billion by the end of 2020. A recent survey by Gartner also suggests that one in every three organizations see cloud […]

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