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Data center operators not keen on green: survey

Most data center operators are not prioritizing power and other “green” issues. While enterprises are making incremental improvements toward energy-efficient initiatives, they’re advancing at a very slow rate, according to new research data. Supermicro surveyed more than 5,000 IT professionals for its Data Centers and the Environment report. One of the goals of the annual […]

Data Centers Feeling the Heat! The History and Future of Data Center Cooling

As we look back on the data center environment of the past 10 to 15 years, the power densities of server racks have remained stable at 3 to 5 kW. During this period, air-cooled data centers using chillers and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units were sufficient to overcome the heat dissipation from the servers, […]
Sky bulding

Looking to a circular economy by designing green data centers

Solving the massive energy consumption dilemma by data centers has been an ongoing challenge for the data industry. Data centers are being constructed and pressed into service at a rapid clip worldwide, but the significant carbon imprint of these projects are causing design teams to study how to minimize the environmental impact of the construction […]

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