The B2B Email Renaissance: Email’s Comeback

On Thursday, June 30, we are hosting another of our “Art & Science” webinars as part of our Success Series, hosted by our Director of Research Tom Riddle, who will interview our CMO Amanda McGuckin Hager. Amanda brings her experience from a 25+ year successful career in B2B Demand Generation marketing.

In recent years, the B2B email channel has been waning in priority and popularity – that is until the pandemic hit. In a recent report, the email service provider Epsilon notes that their clients named email as one of the most important marketing communication channels during the pandemic.

This rise in priority and popularity brings a new light to an old channel. This webinar will benefit those responsible for B2B email marketing, strategy, and operations, as well as channel marketing, customer marketing, digital campaign marketing, and marketing leadership.

In this webinar, Tom and Amanda will discuss:
• Creating B2B Email Calendars
• Growing Your Database
• The Anatomy of the Email
• Subject Lines
• Free Resources

There will be a 20-minute interactive Q&A at the end of the panel.

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